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How To Decorate Your Home Addition

JULY 20, 2016

You love your home. You love where you live and you love everything that’s nearby. However, you need more space and you’ve decided that you’d rather complete a home addition than buy something else because of how happy you are there. You understand that for the most part, it’s going to take time for the investment in your home addition to be recaptured in terms of the home’s market value. Then comes the question of having to decorate that new addition. It’s exciting in many ways, because you get to work with the proverbial ‘blank canvas’ and design something from scratch. 


Having already made a significant investment in your home addition, you probably don’t want to spend significant amounts of additional costs with your home remodel decorating project.  If you've never really done a major interior decorating before, your other concern is likely how long it will take. Rest assured, working with Decorist takes care of both those concerns - get a room design for one low flat-fee and in as little as 3 weeks.  Below are some suggestions for approaching your home remodel decorating project.


Start With What You Already Have

Chances are that you, like most of us, have in your basement, garage or storage a few pieces of furniture and perhaps décor items that could be used in this new home addition.  You may want to start by simply taking stock of what’s in and around your home, as you never know what you’re going to find and you never know what may be a perfect fit for that new room. Everything you use will save you on cost for new furniture or accessories. 


Keep It Consistent

As we mentioned, a big reason that you’re doing a home addition is because you love your current home. And, it’s likely that one of the many reasons that you love your current is because of how it’s decorated. Therefore, you should keep things consistent when it comes to your home remodel decorating. You don’t want to have one part of your home with one particular look and another be completely different.  Stick with what works for you.


Work with Decorist

From all the thousands of projects we’ve been completed, we've worked with people from all over the country, who all have had different ideas and inspirations. Tell us your budget a budget (and a timeline if you have a time-sensitive milestone you're working with), and we will match you with an experienced professional designer who will help you all the way through the project to completion.  See some of our previous projects and start a project with us today!

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