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A Darling Homeschool Nook Ideal for Remote Learning

Photo credit: Donna Ladd

Back to school 2020 is like no other. And for many families a hybrid or even remote learning model seems to be the reality for the foreseeable future. So it’s not surprising that now more than ever parents want and need to create a designated, functional, and inspiring space for their kids to do school work.

Case in point: a recent design project for client Donna Ladd, Executive Editor of New York Family Media and busy mom of two. Donna knew she needed to rein in the chaos of last spring's homeschool situation and this time around wanted to carve out a designated area in her Brooklyn apartment for her 5 year old son Mateo to do his school work. The problem was Mateo shared a bedroom with his older brother who needed a quiet work environment for his zoom classes. Plus, Mateo needed to be in closer proximity to his mom for some one-on-one guidance throughout the day.

Now sit back and scroll through to see how Decorist Elite designer Mikayla Keating transformed a little nook in Donna’s living room into a chic and inspiring homeschool space using Bed Bath & Beyond furnishings and decor.


With stay at home guidelines in place, Donna needed help but didn’t want face-to -face meetings with a designer or to run around to different stores. Decorist's model was the ideal situation for getting design help virtually. In true Decorist fashion, Mikayla created two mood boards, a final design, a floor plan and a clickable shopping list that was easy for Donna to digest and implement.

Here is how it all began.

After filling out an easy online questionnaire Donna was paired with Decorist Elite designer Mikalya Keating who just happened to be a former preschool teacher turned interior designer extraordinaire. It was a match made in heaven! Mikayla quickly grasped not only what Mateo needed for his homeschool space but what Donna needed too. Identifying a quiet corner with good light in their living room, Mikaya got to work sourcing stylish and affordable kid’s furniture from Bed Bath & Beyond’s Marmalade collection. Below are Mikayla’s two mood boards.


Being a stylish and creative person, Donna had a strong design aesthetic coupled with the fact that Mateo’s study space was going to be on center stage in the family's living room. Mikayla realized she had to step up her game. The product assortment at Bed Bath & Beyond meant that Mikayla had plenty of options for finding furniture that would be just right for Mateo but also stylish enough for Donna. Ultimately, Donna chose design A but with the wallpaper in design B.

Through the Decorist client questionnaire, Mikalya learned that Mateo loved anything to do with astronauts so her goal was to incorporate a space theme into the design. To help designate and personalize the study nook, Mikayla came up with the idea of wallpapering the wall to the left of the fireplace. She selected a starry  peel and stick wallpaper that’s ideal for apartment living. Next she anchored the space with a darling “milky way” inspired area rug that is soft as well as washable.


Next she found a perfectly sized mid-century desk with a cute sage green top and two spacious drawers. And like anyone sitting for an extended period of time they would need a comfy chair. Of course, Mikayla knew that kids need a comfy chair more than anyone and therefore she chose a white chair with a comfortable seat and curved back.

Having good lighting is important too. Luckily for Mateo his study nook was next to a window but having a desk lamp is still helpful for those rainy days or to provide extra light in the evening. Mikayla selected a cute natural wood lamp with a white shade that worked perfectly with the other elements in the room.  And to top it all off, Mikayla chose a darling oversized painting of an astronaut to help pull together the entire design.

Now Mataeo has the perfect homeshool space that not only he loves, but Donna and the rest of the family do too!

Feeling inspired and want to design a functional and stylish homeschool space for your kids? Start a Decorist design project today and let us help you create that perfect little nook in your home. It's the easy and affordable way to decorate!

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