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Ideas for Your In-Law Suite Design

JULY 20, 2016

If you have an extended family and/or a large circle of out-of-town friends, chances are you’ll be hosting visitors from time to time. If you’re lucky enough to have a space for visitors that eliminates the need for people to sleep on couches, you have an opportunity to really make that space feel special. In-law suite decorating can be difficult, but if you work with Decorist and our online interior decorators you’ll soon find that this is a project that you can handle with relative speed and ease. Below are a few ideas to consider as you begin the process of increasing and/or improving your living space for your visitors. 


Privacy Is Paramount

As you begin your in-law suite design, you should keep in mind that privacy is extremely important.  Guests that have their own space are generally going to feel more comfortable if they have somewhere to go at night and somewhere to relax if they need some quiet time.  If it's possible, put your in-law suite in a location that’s somewhat set apart from the rest of your home.  Not only will your guests appreciate the privacy, but during extended stays hosts also benefit from a little downtime. 


Functionality Is Important

An in-law suite should come with as many functional amenities as possible.  Obviously, every in-law suite should have a comfortable bed, but you should also make sure that your space is either adjoined with a bathroom or near one.  You may also want to consider some entertainment options such as a television or a computer desk with Internet connectivity.  After all, you may not always want to watch the same things or look at laptops on kitchen tables.


Comfort is King

While decorating your in-law suite can be a fun and exciting project, you also want to make sure that whatever furniture you choose is not only attractive but comfortable. Your online interior designer from Decorist can help you select pieces that are are most comfortable but will also be able to withstand the use and hold up well.


Versatility is Key

Even though the space you’re designing is known as an in-law suite, it’s not only going to be host to your in-laws.  Relatives and friends will make use of this area, so you should keep that in mind as you put together your in-law suite design.  If some of your guests may have children, consider that in the design and leave some room on the floors for a play area.  You should choose furniture and décor that is going to be comfortable to a wide array of people. 

Decorist Can Help

Ultimately, there are many different directions you can go when it comes to in-law suite design.  If you work with Decorist, you can rest assured that your designer will work with you throughout the entire process to maximize your budget and create a beautiful room that is both functional and stylish, no matter what your needs are for the space. Start a project today!

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