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Celebrity Interior Designer Tamara Honey Shares Her Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

DECEMBER 9, 2015

We asked our very own Tamara Honey, the uber talented interior designer and tastemaker (a huge force in the interior design world and one of our original celebrity designers), to share with us some of her favorite holiday gift ideas.

As you can imagine, we are thrilled to have her on board as one of our designers and a resource for what is trending in the design world. In addition to running one of the most successful interior design businesses on the West Coast, Tamara owns the incredibly hip and very chic House of Honey—with two retail showrooms in Los Angeles.

Her modern-eclectic interiors mix witty and dramatic touches to create a unique and personal look. Tamara is not afraid to mix old and new in order to give a space a distinct personality. She also has a true gift for combining materials and weaving in high and low pieces in an effortless and unexpected way to create fresh yet timeless design. Basically, she is pretty darn talented!



So, here are Tamara's top 10 unique gift ideas for the holiday season:


Celebrity Designer Tamara Honey Holiday Gifts


Beach Towel Collection: I feel so fortunate to live where any day can be a beach or pool day, and these California towels are the perfect accessory.

Champagne Bucket: This large black resin champagne bucket is a simple twist on a traditional accessory. I use it in my restaurant projects all the time.

Leather Wrapped Carafe: This carafe is a mix of industrial and ancient craft from Simon Hasan can be found at one of my favorite LA stores. It's the perfect gift.

Tom Dixon Cog Candelabra and Tapper CandlesTom Dixon has a way with tabletop decor, and the brass candelabra with these unexpected black candles is no exception.


Celebrity Designer Tamara Honey Holiday Picks


Brass Pineapple Tumbler: I love anything and everything brass, and now my cocktail game is so elevated with this pineapple tumbler set!

Petanque Set: Similar to bocce ball and I’m always up for a good game. It's from my "go to" store when I'm in Atlanta.

Pencil and Brass Holder: I love having colored pencils handy for sketching when inspiration strikes and the brass holder is super unique. This set would look chic on any desk!

Jasmine Candle: These delicious-smelling candles are made by my cousin-florist, who incidentally became inspired to pursue his craft after designing my wedding flowers!

Abalone Pajamas: I love anything by Heidi Merrick and these silk pajamas make me feel like I'm in a watercolor painting.


Thank you Tamara for these incredibly cool gift ideas! They are all just a click away and are perfect for checking off that special someone on your holiday list. Happy shopping!


House of Honey Showroom


Of course, if you love Tamara's style as much as we do, stop by Decorist celebrity designer and add your name to Tamara's wait list. She is one of our most popular designers and I'm sure you can see why!

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