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Bathroom Decorating Facts and Ideas

JULY 20, 2016

Perhaps the most overlooked room in any home is the bathroom.  We’re generally in there alone, we generally spend time in their as soon as we wake up and before we turn in for the night and few if any of us think about the bathroom at any other point during the day.  However, a recent study in Scotland revealed that the average person spends approximately 1 hour and 42 minutes per week in the bathroom.  Over the course of an average lifespan, that equates to approximately 92 days.  Despite the fact that we don’t think about this room very much, we spend a lot of time there.  As such, we should do what we can to make it comfortable and pleasing for everyone who walks in on a daily basis. 

That may not be that easy, considering that many of us have never decorated a bathroom before.  It all seems so simple:  just put in a toilet, a sink, a shower and/or bathtub and you’re done, right?  Not quite! There are subtle things that can be done in a bathroom that will change the entire experience for everyone, particularly visitors to your home. Bathroom decorating can be difficult, and online bathroom decorating may seem to be a complicated project to take on yourself.  That’s why Decorist is here – to help you through this project so that you can get it done quickly, efficiently, affordably and beautifully.  Below are a few ideas to consider as you contemplate a bathroom decorating project.


1. Maximize Space

Bathrooms can be unpleasant if it feels like everything is right on top of everything else.  Try to provide at least a few steps of walking room between fixtures if possible, as this will make all the difference for those who use it.


2. The Little Things Matter

Have you ever used someone else’s bathroom and either found no hand towels or hand towels that seemed too fancy and delicate to use for drying your hands?  Find that balance with your bathroom linens – make them attractive but inviting. 


3. Keep Humidity in Mind

As you choose the décor for your bathroom, keep in mind that whatever is in there is going to exist in a very humid environment.  Every time a shower runs or hot water is running from the sink for any appreciable period of time, steam could fill the entire room.  Choose pieces that are durable enough to withstand that environment.


4. Work with a Professional

We understand that even getting started on a bathroom decorating project can be daunting.  If you work with Decorist, your online bathroom decorating project will be anything but daunting.  We’ll pair you with a professional designer who will create concepts based on your style and activity, work with you to make choices that fir within your budget and deliver a design that will transform your bathroom. Start a project with us today!


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