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9 Summer Décor Trends That Are Hot Right Now

JUNE 12, 2019

School is out, summer is in full swing, and with the nice weather comes an opportunity to rethink and refresh your home décor. From the simple modification to the daring do-over, there’s a summer trend that will inspire you to refresh your space at your own budget and pace. Take a look at what’s perfectly on point now and showing major promise for seasons to come. 

Sit back, scroll through and see the nine hottest home décor trends and how to use them for a stylish look all summer long.

1. The Wall-to-Wall Headboard

Image via Brady Tolbert

Crank up the luxe factor, the wall-to-wall headboard is the best bedroom trend to come around since the reading nook. Essentially a built-in headboard on steroids, the ultra-wide headboard takes a good thing and runs with it, quite literally. Of the styles we’ve had our eye on, we especially like channel tufted velvet which lends a luxurious feel to a room. These gorgeous headboards are real showstoppers—a trend to look out for and definitely worth trying!


2. Toned-down Terracotta

Photo via Domino Magazine by Jason Frank Rothenberg

The sophisticated big sister of Living Coral, Pantone’s Color of the Year, Terra Cotta is a little more laid back, luxe and lived in. As a hue, it doesn’t get much earthier but it’s versatile enough to work as a pop of interesting color. Against winter or summer whites, like in the Southern California home of French photographer and style influencer Garance Doré, it delivers serious wow factor and casts a room-filled flattering glow. If a peachy-pastel terracotta isn’t your jam, look to other toasted variations that read more copper, cinnamon, and even burgundy.


3. The "IT" Chair by Pierre Jeanneret

Photo via Architectural Digest by Gieves Anderson

Iconically mid-century but also timeless, this wooden V-chair from Pierre Jeanneret’s Chandigarh Collection is popping up everywhere. It was designed and produced in the 1950s while Jeanneret was living and making furniture in India for Le Corbusier. Highly sought after today, the many designs that make up the Chandigarh Collection all feature the splayed leg architecture in some form or another and were designed to symbolize the future. The teak and cane v-shape selected for this gorgeous recessed desk setting, is effortless and inviting. Just the low-key vibe you want while sitting down to rewrite history.


4. Mushroom Lamp

Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck and design by Allison Crawford

We have written about this trend before and we are still seeing it play up in home décor. Equal parts funky and quirky, the mushroom lamp was a mid-century design staple in modern homes and offices everywhere. Enjoying another moment in the spotlight, we love this trend for what it conveys about a person’s willingness to take risks in their décor. Can one lamp single handedly say "I’m a design risk taker"? Yes! The original mushroom, the 1950s floor lamp by the Laurel Light Company has been design fodder for multiple interpretations that are equally delightful. There’s the lopsided Snoopy and, most notably, the highly geometric Atollo by Vico Magistretti, which won the prestigious Compasso d’Oro in 1979. If you’re not ready to spring for an original, there are some great reproductions that will keep this trend on the hotplate for years to come.


5. Dark Stone Countertops

Image via Woodhouse Lodge

Welcome to the dark side. Moody, sexy and sophisticated, dark countertops are a welcome sight after the long trend run of white and light gray surfaces. Against white or light walls, backsplashes and cabinets, the solid dark line creates an especially dramatic pairing. We especially love the drama that this tonal palette delivers. The matte black hardware and copper cooking accessories echo the warm grey flecks featured in the dark counter slabs. The overall vibe is warm, welcoming, and lends an importance that says serious culinary feats happen here.


6. Micro Pendant

Image via Oiliva Therbaut

Merely a blip in the landscape of a room, the micro pendant much prefers it that way. Its mission is to deliver the quiet drama, and that it does. Despite their diminutive size, micro-sized pendants demand attention, while also allowing the light they give off to play a role as important as the designs themselves. Because they’re so petite, they’re better positioned closer the surface they’re illuminating, which puts more emphasis on the long spanse of exposed electrical cord. Small but mighty, these little charmers lend a laid-back industrial vibe. We love them over corresponding nightstands, too.


7. Bespoken Marble 

Photo by Sarah Elliot via Eyeswoon

Nature is the truest artist, and the stunning natural beauty that a marble slab can offer your interior is well worth the price tag. When we think marble, we often think countertops and horizontal surfaces but, more and more, we’re seeing vertical applications and entire walls boasting beautiful, one-of-a-king slabs. In Athena Calderon's bathroom, the warm blush tones and pronounced, well-defined veining feel so luxe and inviting. The design payoff doesn’t stop there though. The scale of a large cohesive slab meticulously cut and mitered is undeniably impressive, and, in this shower niche we love how it warms up the uber-trendy matte gold exposed plumbing.


8. Pleats, Pretty Please

Image via Brian Paquette

There’s a quaintness and preciousness about the pleated lampshade that can warm even the most sterile spaces. But don’t let its Victorian-era charm fool you. Pleated homeware—shades, linens, tableware—is so on point right now, designers are refabricating the iconic shape in steel, acrylics, paper, and even ceramic. We love checking our go-to design sources every week, looking for the latest artistic interpretation. Thinking about going for a more maximalist look? Pleating should definitely be part of the equation.


9. Pampas Grass

Image via Casework

A go-to plant for landscapers for its towering height and showy plumage, pampas grass delivers the same great presence indoors, too. It was popularized as ornamentation in the late 19th century and has come in and out of favor but, much to our delight, it’s back in a big way. The silky but hardy grass native to South America lends a beachy, bohemian vibe that can completely reset the mood in a room. It’s a cool ornamental accent in this cozy, coastal living room, but we also love it in bedrooms, entries and bathrooms. 

Are these nine trends of summer filling you with inspiration? Now is the perfect time to start your own design project and breathe new life into your home’s interior (and patio). Decorist designers are pros at transforming any space within your style and budget. They book up quickly though, so take the first step and get started today!

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