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8 Tips for Refreshing Your Office Space from the Seattle Showhouse

MARCH 17, 2016
Photo credit: Jeff Beck

When we set out to design the Seattle Showhouse we turned our efforts in-house to our own roster of uber-talented designers. We quickly tapped Decorist Elite Designers Beth Dotolo & Carolina Gentry of Pulp Design Studios to virtually design the home office. Their gorgeous design coupled with furniture and accessories provided by our retail partner and event host transformed the space into a chic lounge home office. The design was glamorous and worked well for a shared his and hers office space.


We asked the dynamic duo to share some of their favorite tips and tricks for designing a home office space.


1. Add interest to your space with wallcoverings. 

Wallcovering is a great way to turn a lackluster space into a covetable environment. We use wallcovering for almost all of our clients to add personality that is unique to their tastes! If you’re commitment-phobic, removable wallcovering is a great place to start.


Photo Credit: Jeff Beck 


2. Get creative with your art! 

Don’t settle for boring run-of-the mill artwork. Not all of our clients can afford original investment art, so get creative and search for local artists or add your own personal twist to an affordable standard.

Photo Credit: Jeff Beck


3. Accessorize your shelves. 

When accessorizing your shelves, clusters of three accessories are best. And, think in triangles with a tall, medium, and short piece groupings scattered amongst your books.

Photo Credit: Jeff Beck 


4. Make your small space feel larger.

Mirrors make a small space larger! Whether you’re working from home or at the office, a mirror is a great way to make sure you’re looking your best each day.

Office Space Ideas


5. Layer your rugs. 

We love to layer rugs, especially when budget or durability is an issue. Layering rugs allows you to get more coverage with affordable choices and layer on those smaller statement rugs. Plus, our clients are left with a layered and well-traveled look.

Layer your rugs

Photo Credit: Jeff Beck

6. Ottomans are not just for sitting! 

If you chose the right option, they are a great multi-purpose piece that can serve as a small coffee table, end table, or extra seat. Who doesn’t need extra seating?


7. Don’t be afraid to use the space in front of a bookshelf.

 This under-utilized space can be great for hanging art or added seating!

Art for the Office

Photo Credit: Jeff Beck 


8. Mix textures and patterns 

Mixing textures and patterns are an easy way to add personality or layers to a space. Pillows are a quick and easy way to add those textures and patterns that fit your personality. Plus, they can be swapped out for a seasonal refresh at your heart’s desire.

Mix Patterns

Now that's an office space we'd like to be working in! Pulp Design Studios transformed this space into a chic design. View more of the stunning Seattle Showhouse.  

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