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7 Chic Ways to Organize Your Home for Spring

MARCH 11, 2021
Photo credit: Bri Shulz by Jenni Kayne

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer we start thinking about what that means for our homes.  And for many of us, organizing and refreshing a space is top of mind.  Having a fresh, orderly home will help you prioritize your mental health and energize you and your family.  As we all know, any organization is an upgrade, but you may as well make it beautiful, too. To that end, our designers are sharing their tips and tricks to get organized for the new season. 

Now sit back and read on for seven steps to a stylish organized home that will also induce major interior envy.

1. Rethink your entryway

Photo credit: Studio McGee

Your entryway is the first thing you see when you walk through the door, so it should be beautiful and functional.  The key to an organized entryway is having a place to stash everyday items like your mail, keys, shoes and bags. If you have a large entryway add a console table or even a small round tulip table. In more diminutive spaces a small shelf will do. You can also optimize your space with wall-mounted hooks and storage solutions for jackets, hats, and bags. Also, baskets and storage bins are a great way to maximize your space in a stylish way. Remember to clear out those winter boots and mittens, unread stacks of mail, and any other items that add to the clutter. 


2. Maximize your kitchen 


Photo credit: Amber Ulmer; Courtesy of Elsie Larson 

The kitchen is always a high traffic spot but especially this past year. Making it functional and organized should be a goal in 2021.  To start, it’s important to have an organized spot for all your kitchen supplies. Pull it all out and assess. Then, do a deep clean before putting everything back in its place. 

Define your zones and tackle it section by section.  Move the less frequently used items in your cabinets to a higher shelf, keeping your everyday items at eye level.  If you have open shelving, bring an organic, curated look to your kitchen with casual stoneware dishes.  Also, adjustable drawer dividers help corral everyday utensils like wooden spoons and tongs.

Store your fruit and vegetables in stoneware bowls inside your fridge. Airtight food storage containers make displaying your dried pasta and beans feel like works of art.  Consider unloading cereal, rice and baking goods into clear containers.  Not only will your food keep better, but you’ll actually be able to see everything. Mesh or metal bins work perfectly for packets of food and snacks or organizing your kitchen supplies.  Lastly, for that designer touch try adding a vintage-looking runner or mat under the stove or sink. And of course, indoor/outdoor materials are great for kitchens.


3.  Don't forget your closet


Photo credit: Sarah Vohn

Spring is a great time to organize your closet.  With warmer weather on the horizon, de-winterizing your closet does wonders for your well-being.  As work from home is still the norm, now is the perfect time to reprioritize your weekday wardrobe heroes to make getting dressed in the mornings a breeze.  First, organize by category. Skirts, pants, sweaters, tops, jeans - start by grouping like with like.  Next, purge wisely.  If you haven’t worn it in over a year, toss it or donate it.  

Store off-season items, freeing up space and visually decluttering your closet.  Invest in storage boxes to keep seasonal or special occasion pieces tucked out of sight and a great place to do that is under the bed.  Lastly, while it may not seem like a big deal, mismatched hangers instantly make your best organizing efforts look messy.  We love the slim velvet hangers and would recommend investing in matching ones. You'll see what these small differences can make.


4.  Work from home in style


Photo credit: Sarah Fultz Interiors

If your dining room and living room are doubling as a home office of late, you may be feeling less productive. Ideally, carving out a dedicated work-from-home space can help inspire creativity and increase output.  And as much as we love a custom desk, a countertop on a bookshelf or dining table can be a great option. Of course, a comfy chair is a must. Our work-from-home set-ups don’t have to have a large book case.  Instead, opt for a floating shelf or hanging wall unit to save space, or try tucking a modern filing cabinet beside or under your desk (or table) for a stylish storage solution. 

Lighting is everything in a productive home office and can also be a way to add some style to a space.  Swap out an outdated light fixture for one that’s chic like the stylish brass lamp to take your work-from-home game to the next level.  Another way to add depth and personality to your space?  Bring the outside in with beautiful greenery.  Not only do plants help clean the air, but they can also help combat stress.  No natural light?  Try some faux flowers instead.


5.  Refresh your living room


Photo credit: Jenn Pablo Studio

Now that we’re spending more time in our homes than ever before, there is no better time to declutter your living room to make it more enjoyable and cozy.  Editing may be the most important step.  Pare down what you own keeping only the things you use and love.  Getting organized is all about editing, editing, editing.  Once you’ve done that, invest in a few beautiful storage solutions like woven baskets and storage benches to keep extra blankets and pillows.  We always love a good storage ottoman that can serve as an extra seat or one that doubles as a coffee table. They both are great for not only storage but are stylish too. Smaller items like remotes can be grouped on decorative trays or boxes that feel intentional.  Style with artful books and chic vessels for a fresh look. 


6.  Outfit the laundry room


Design: Kate Lester, Photo by: Lauren Pressey  

When it comes to places in your home that you think about decorating, the laundry room is usually at the bottom of the list.  But we like to look at the laundry room as a functional, minimally designed area that can serve as a mini refuge.  Unlike the living room where you want to hide the clutter, it’s the clutter that you need to access the most in a laundry room! Use woven baskets, metal bins and stylish hampers to corral laundry and products.  Put detergent and stack wool dryer balls in containers.  Adding an indoor/outdoor rug can warm up the space and, since they are low maintenance, you can easily hose them off when accidents happen. And don't forget to throw in a little wall art to make the room more inviting.


7.  Bathroom storage goals


Photo credit: Chelius House of Design


Because we care about form AND function, we want our bathrooms to provide much-needed storage solutions while still being beautiful.  Think brass trays and small glass containers.  Not only do they look great, but help corral smaller items, keeping countertops clean and organized.  Also, canisters and even pottery are convenient for storing the things you don’t want on display.  Try a small marble cylinder as a holder for toothbrushes.  And it’s no secret that we love baskets.  Bathrooms are another perfect place for baskets and stylish hampers.  Not only do they bring in some natural texture, but they are the best way to store larger items like extra towels.  Drape your favorite decorative towel over the basket to hide your everyday essentials.  Have the space?  A eucalyptus ladder or small stool next to your tub is another great way to add storage.  Bonus points for making your bathroom feel like a spa!


Feeling inspired to organize your home? Start a Decorist design project and let our expert designer help you do it in style. Happy decorating!


* Every product is independently selected by our stylish, expert designers and we only use an affiliate link on items we love, and would include regardless.  We may receive a small commission on things you buy through our links. 

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