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7 Moving Tips To Refresh Your Design Style In Your New Home

AUGUST 11, 2015

Moving this summer? Moving is a great way to get a fresh start on your new home and its design. Here are 7 moving tips to do before you move to ensure your new space will look great, reflect your style, and not break the budget. 


1. Plan Your New Space 

Develop a basic floor plan for where your key pieces of furniture will go. You can use the professional plans of your home or simply measure and sketch out on graph paper. You don’t need to determine where each and every accessory will go, but you do want to have a general game plan for the big items in your new space. 


Organizing pieces in this way allows for maximum efficiency while moving in, and helps you plan for the next steps in your space: carpets and paint. 



2. Get a Fresh Style Start 

Moving is a fabulous opportunity to update your style. Pinterest or Houzz are great places to start. Create a board or idea book for your some of your new design ideas, save room images and products, and note which aspects of the room are most compelling to you. You can also peruse your favorite retailers’ sites for new product inspiration, enlist an online interior design service like Decorist to help pull your inspiration together, and from there, create a beautiful room in your style and budget. 


3. Keep Only What You Love 

Identify the big pieces you really love in your home (we love Kondo’s way of judging: “does it bring you joy?”-if it does, keep it, if it doesn’t, find it a new home). Don’t have the budget for a new sofa but really don’t like the one you have? Sell those items on Craigslist, and look for new ones that you love- there are some great bargains out there. Sites like Move Loot will come, pick up your items, and help you sell them- that right there is a win-win. 



4. Decide on Design Foundations

Your paint and carpet choices will set the look and feel of your new home, so consider them carefully. There are hundreds of shades and patterns out there, so don't settle until you've found what you truly love. And if you need help navigating, enlist an online interior design service like Decorist!


5. Declutter Before You Pack 

Your move is a great opportunity to finally rid yourself of that outdated comforter set and mismatched, chipped coffee cups. It’s also inefficient and time consuming to move a bunch of items you really don’t need or want into your new home. While packing, set up three boxes: move, donate, and trash. Use a very critical eye for the “move” items- remember, only things you need functionally or love aesthetically. Donate the still useful items that look or feel tired, and trash or recycle all other items. 



6. Find New Uses For Great Pieces 

Use moving as an opportunity to repurpose existing items. You might be tired of those bedside tables in your bedroom, but maybe they would look great as sofa side tables. Fresh life for items you love can give a room an entirely new feel. 


7. Step Up Your Game With Moving Help 

Enlisting moving services has never been more affordable, and it frees you up to make the important design decisions in your new home. Services like FlatRate Moving can make your move easy as pie by offering customers full service moving and storage options as well as additional services like packing, unpacking, and TV installation. 


So there you have it! With these 7 tips, you're well on your way to an easier and more style efficient move-in.


If you love more than just a tip or two, consider starting a Decorist design project! We'd love to help.

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