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Decorist Trend Report: 7 Home Decor Trends for 2022

JANUARY 5, 2022
Photo credit: AMA Designs

Our homes continue to be our sanctuary and, as we head into another year, we are once again rethinking how we live, work and carve out time for play.  2022 is shaping up to be a pivotal year in design as we continue to adapt our environments to a lifestyle centered around our homes as our nucleus.  This year brings with it a renewed enthusiasm for self-expression and we are excited to find moments of joy in our interior design choices.  We continue to crave comfort, but also find ourselves longing for adventure and a broadening of our horizons again.  The result will be an unexpected but statement-making mix of curated comfort and bold individuality.  Design themes rooted in self-care, sustainability and craftsmanship help restore our equilibrium and reset our daily rhythm. 

Read on for the top 7 design trends of 2022 that are reigniting our passion for stunning home décor.

1. The Return of Color 

 Image credit: Domino

We are turning a major corner on color this year. It is all about ushering in a fresh start that translates to an explosion of saturated hues — from calming, nature-inspired midtones to bold, head-turning statement color. It is inspiring and refreshing to see unapologetic, unabashed color come back in a big way.

Of course, there will always be a place for white walls and rooms bathed in monochromatic neutrals, but 2022 will see a renewed enthusiasm for pigment in its many expressions. We are anticipating harmonious mid-century colors, vibrant citrusy hues and rich jewel tones with an emphasis on deep, inky blues. Mood boosting colors like ochre, terracotta and moss greens will make appearances everywhere and infuse some much-needed optimism into our spaces.

In the realm of neutrals, we will move away from mostly cool tones with an eye toward the warmer end of the spectrum. Flattering neutrals like taupe, sand, camel and uplifting warm grays lead the warmup.  By combining warm neutrals with punches of soft earth tones, home designers will refine their color stories to be balanced, restful and earthy. Vibrant, punchy brights against taupe and other neutrals offer moments of delight and surprise. Overall, an audacious time to express ourselves with color.


2.  Curated Comfort

 Photo credit: Katie Hodges

Comfort will continue to influence the design world in 2022 but it is evolving into something a lot more sophisticated. What is different is the evolution of the concept from warm and cozy to a new level of stylishness with an emphasis on layering, contrasting organic textures and curved silhouettes. It transcends fabrics and extends to the creation of spa-like settings and intimate outdoor spaces designed for decompressing. It is less about adding cozy throw blankets and more about creating spaces that promote wellness and self-care.

With more time spent working from home and entertaining out of our homes, it is a trend we predicted will carry on beyond 2022. Materials in soft-touch fabrics like velvet, boucle and sherpa will dominate. Plush seating, warmer color palettes and bookshelves and coffee tables stacked with well-loved books lend a quiet luxury. Our spaces are reimagined as sanctuaries of rest, relaxation and renewal.



3.  Elevated Outdoor Living

 Image credit: Outer

The trend toward reimagining our outdoor “rooms” continues on in a big way in 2022. Our outdoor spaces that served as our change of scenery as we were housebound in 2020, became our sanctuary as we navigated what it meant to return to semi-normalcy. We see outdoor spaces retrofitted as holiday retreats complete with outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and all the amenities to simulate a weekend getaway. Seating areas are expanded to accommodate larger groups and softer, textured surfaces are layered in to mirror the comforts of our indoor spaces.

The top patio themes include Bohemian Tuin featuring lots of rattan, jute and woven poufs and pillows in an overall tonal neutral palette with exotic plants dotted throughout.  We see a Modern Rustic redux with elevated earth tones, textures, organic shapes and natural materials inspired by nature. Nautical Glam makes a big splash with its vintage-inspired seaside color palette, crisp stripes, teak furniture and playful umbrellas. However we can bring a vacation vibe home, we will attempt it. And the payoff? Worth every penny.


4.  Self-expression 

 Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Taking a cue from fashion and how we readily change up our style on any given day, we see a major movement around personalized home design. By eschewing a theme or single design style, inspired home designers will continue to follow their own creative whims and leanings to create truly original spaces. Whether a curated corner, an expressive art wall or a whole room reno, many of us will have extra time on our hands to put our designer hats on and immerse ourselves in the process of inviting what resonates with us on a deeply personal level.

The personal expression trend is all about throwing away the rules and experimenting with blended design styles and unexpected color schemes. We see maximalism taken to a whole new level of layered complexity, we are looking forward to bold wallpaper and contrasting prints, we marvel at richly colored ceilings and boldly painted trim. Statement pieces like vintage chandeliers and sculptural art forms will take center stage. This trend is playful and liberating, and hopefully we will see more “you” in your design well into the new year.    



5.  The Reimagined Home Office

 Image credit: Nicole Hollis

As our homes continue to demand more of us and serve more purposes than ever before, we are looking to multi-functional spaces that support the need to work from our newly-essential home offices and classrooms. Entire rooms or sections of rooms will be officially converted into dedicated work spaces with thoughtful consideration to how these spaces fit cohesively with the rest of our décor.

Reimagined surfaces become desktops and work stations. We envision the use of stunning accents like patterned rugs and upholstered statement chairs that you’d never come across in a corporate setting. There will be an emphasis on work wellness and bringing home a zen vibe to our office spaces through the use of calming color palettes and softer natural lighting. And, most talked about is what is happening behind us on our endless Zoom calls. No longer are blank walls or windows acceptable. Walls should be wow-worthy displays of personal expression.

Let’s take the time to curate a balanced design within the framework of our video thumbnails. Imagine gallery walls, tropical plant groupings and super-styled bookshelves. Our backdrops will serve as representations and personal expressions of what makes us unique. Working from home now means we need to be camera-ready, and we are ready to take full advantage in our beautifully reimagined spaces.



6.  Sustainable Spaces

 Image credit: Collav Home Design

Our love of design and love for our planet will merge in a big way in 2022. As we become more and more aware of our environmental impact, we will continue to discover exciting new and also stylish ways to incorporate sustainability into our living spaces. If the pandemic taught us anything, it has taught us to live with less, hold tight to the things we cherish and edit out what no longer serves us.

We will reconsider the essentials by repurposing and refurbishing existing pieces, breathing new life into them. When buying new, we turn our focus to low-impact sourcing and labor sustainability, small-batch designs and ethically made fabrics. We envision adding more natural wood, stone and foliage to reinforce our connection the earth. With so many of our favorite décor brands creating good-for-the-planet green design, it becomes a fun and stylish challenge to create spaces that feel as good as they look.


7.  Sculptural and Artisan Forms

Image credit: Architectural Digest

Designer décor will take on a life of its own in 2022. It isn’t so much about the designer behind the design, it is the design itself that will gain all the attention. Quality craftsmanship and a form-meets-function design philosophy turn everyday household items into wow-worthy works of art. Whether in textiles, dishware or bath accessories, we will incorporate decorative items with a distinctive sculptural form or artistic attention to detail to make our spaces feel richer, more curated and much more personal.

Another major trend is the introduction of more rounded shapes in everything from furnishings to fixtures and even artwork. Curved lines replace hard angles and squared off corners to create a softer, more welcoming vibe in our dwellings. Evoking a vintage, lived-in luxe feel, softer, sensual lines make our spaces feel warm and sophisticated. This welcome return to form feels very bespoke and personal at a time when we need to really own our design.

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