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7 Paint Colors For The New Year

JANUARY 3, 2018
Photo credit: Architectural Digest

It's a new year, and you're probably not only thinking about self improvements but home improvements, too. At Decorist we can gladly help you with your home improvements and one of the surest ways to update your home is to change up your wall color with a fresh, new coat of paint. There is nothing that gets you more bang for your buck then painting your walls a new shade. Of course, you might be thinking, "Which color should I paint my room or what color is trending in the new year?" And for most people picking the right paint color can seem daunting with the myriad of choices and finishes.

So today we turned to our Design Director Jessica McCarthy to share some of her favorite paint color ideas. From jewel tones, to moody hues, to dusty pastels, here are Jessica's 7 paint color picks that will bring a new look into your home and keep your space feeling current and fresh.

Dusty Pink

We're not seeing any slowing of the color pink but just seeing new variations. The brighter tone of millenial pink has moved to a more dusty and muted version for the new year. This new neutral adds a feminine and sophisticated touch to any space. It’s rosy undertones adds warmth to an entire room and a bit of whimsy to furniture and upholstery.


Moody Mint

A moody mint paint color combines both a smoky blue with celadon green undertones. Reflecting the mystical oceans along the California coast and providing a sense of relaxation and luxury. Pair this color with both deep blues and bright greens to bring out the multitude of tones within this gorgeous color. 


Rich Green

Looking for a bit more luck in 2018? Think green! The richness of this green reminds us of the darkest shade of Jade originiated in China and reflective of health and renewal. The deep rooted history of the ancient Chinese color pairs beautifully with antiques and family heirlooms. 


Ultra Violet

Last month PANTONE selected Ultra Violet as their color of the year. Of course, at first we immediately turned on some classic Prince songs to get us in the mood and then searched for inspiration that feature this rich saturated color. We recognize that warming up to the regal hue as a home design trend may take some time but when paired with the right blacks and greys, it can be stunning.


Slate Grey

One shade lighter than black, the saturdation of Slate Grey makes an impact while creating stillness. This sexy and sultry color looks best painted in entire rooms including molding, doorways and even the ceiling. We see slate grey being the new neutral of 2018 and being the easiest way to create a space that is new and dramatic for the new year. 


Marrs Green

Image via Lonny

This high-octane hue was recently voted the "Worlds Favorite Color" by British paper company GF Smith. The blueish, teal undertone gives it a more playful look then the typical forest or kelly green. It works on everything from kitchen cabinets to living room walls.


Ice Blue

Simplistic pastels are on the rise in 2018. Soft, delicate and sincere, the minimalistic ice blue creates a place of escape and harmony from our tech filled world. Inspired by scandanavian design, this color pairs beautifully with copper, light woods and other pastels like a muted pink and subtued mint as well as minimal decor and sculptural furniture. 

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