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6 Fall Interior Design Trends We're Loving Right Now

OCTOBER 5, 2021
Photo credit: Brian Paquette

These six standout design trends are having a major moment right now and it’s easy to understand why — not only have the last few years reshaped our priorities and how we live, work and play, they’ve had a major influence on what resonates with us. Design themes like simplicity, sustainability and comfort go a long way in restoring our equilibrium and creating a tranquil oasis while we reset our rhythm and look forward to brighter days ahead. 

Inviting one or more of these of-the-moment fall trends into your living space is a simple way to hit refresh (and create something amazingly chic while doing it).

Photo credit: Heidi Caillier Design

Earth Tones

Get ready to get creative (and cozy) with these harmonious hues inspired by the American southwest and iconic Midcentury modern design. By combining warm neutrals with punches of soft earth tones you’ll create a refined color story that is anything but boring. If you’re not ready for a full-scale interior redesign, you can achieve this look by punctuating your sofa with accent pillows and a textured throw blanket in these hushed hues or painting your walls in a sun-washed citrus or sea glass. Think balanced, restful and earthy.


 Photo credit: Brian Paquette


We’re used to seeing it in fashion, but patchwork patterns are making a major splash in home design this year, bringing a modern art gallery feel to your interior spaces. It’s a bold statement, but it doesn’t have to be done in bold colors. You can go as daring as you want with contrasting saturated colors or much more nuanced with soft neutrals or a monochromatic palette like varying shades of taupes. Patchwork is a playful, expressive trend you can easily incorporate at home in your bedding, curtains, area rugs and beyond.



Photo credit: Athena Calderone

Artisan Inspired

Designer décor has taken on a whole new meaning in 2021. It’s not so much about the designer behind the design, it’s the design itself that’s gaining all the attention this year. Quality craftsmanship and a form-meets-function design philosophy has turned everyday household items into wow-worthy works of art. Whether in textiles, dishware or bath accessories, incorporating decorative items with a distinctive sculptural form or artistic attention to detail will make your whole space feel richer, more curated and much more personal.



Photo credit: Jessica Helgerson

Curve Appeal

Borrowing from the Art Deco movement of the early 20th century, a major home design trend this year is the introduction of more rounded shapes in everything from furnishings to fixtures and even artwork. Look for curved lines, as opposed to hard angles and squared off corners, to create a softer, more welcoming vibe in your space. Curved lines and rounded edges offer an easier flow and a more streamlined overall look — it’s vintage-inspired modern that lends a sensual, sophisticated vibe you can easily achieve at home.



 Photo credit: Ashe Leandro

Organic Elements

Bringing natural elements from the outdoors in is a way to stay connected to nature and the sense of well-being that it brings us. Adding more natural wood, stone and marble to your space reinforces that connection and feeling of warmth. Look for natural materials in everything from furniture to fixtures and textiles, and even pieces that retain their natural shape like a side table sourced from a real tree stump. Other ways to create an organic vibe include bringing in natural grasses and textiles made from materials like hemp, bamboo and jute. A simple design add-on with serious style payoff.



Photo credit: Heidi Caillier

Plaid Power

Plaid is popping up everywhere in home interiors lately. Whether you’re versed in designing with plaid or not, this is the season to really play up the iconic print. For a departure from the traditional, look to a graphic buffalo check or tartan in unexpected hues and proportions that feels fresh and playful. On the flip side, you can keep things soft and understated with a tonal gingham in a smaller check. Add touches of plaid via accent pillows, rugs and table linens. We also love plaid-themed bedding for a warm, cozy vibe. Try contrasting your fresh checks with a solid and even a subtle stripe or floral. It’s a simple way to add personality and graphic appeal to your space.


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