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5 Ways To Design A Functional And Beautiful In-Law Space

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

5 Ways To Design A Functional And Beautiful In-Law Space

If you have parents or relatives who are getting older and who are just not as mobile as they used to be but you want to spend as much time with them as possible, perhaps it’s time to think about moving them into your home.  This may not be the best approach, however, if doing so would simply make things too crowded.  This may be the time to think of adding an in-law suite.  In-law suite design is something that can be a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to be creative.  Regardless of creativity, there are some features that everyone should think about for people who are a bit older.  Below are 5 in-law suite features to keep in mind if you plan on going down this road.


1. Smooth Flooring

In-law suite design should include smooth flooring, which means either hardwood or tile.  A lot of different rugs and levels on a floor can create a risk of falling, which is the leading cause of injury in people over 65 in the United States.  Besides, your loved ones can always add a throw rug or two if they so desire. 


2. Lever Handles

Most of us have struggled with round handles on faucets and round doorknobs.  For some people, manipulating these items can be extremely difficult for many reasons.  Your in-law suite features should include lever handles, as these are simply easier to deal with for everyone and minimize the risk that anything can go wrong.


3. Non-skid Bathroom Flooring

We stated above that falls are the leading cause of injury for older Americans.  Falls are especially a concern in the bathroom.  Your in-law suite design should include non-skid bathroom flooring, as this will make getting into and out of the shower that much easier and worry-free for everyone involved.


4. A Shower Bench

Speaking of the shower, one of your in-law suite features should be a shower bench.  This allows people to bathe without having to move around too much and risk slipping on the wet floor.  It’s also a comfortable way to relax in the steam of a shower without risking any type of fatigue. 


5. Hand-Held Showerhead

Continuing with the shower theme, a hand-held showerhead presents many advantages as part of your in-law suite design.  Such a feature will allow those who use the shower to bathe more comfortably and help avoid the problems that can arise with having to contort oneself into awkward positions. 


Work with Decorist

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