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5 Unique Bedroom Decorating Ideas

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

5 Unique Bedroom Decorating Ideas

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms - it's also, of all the rooms in the house, usually the most personal reflection of our styles. The biggest trend in bedroom interior design over the last few years has been the move toward thinking of our bedrooms as our personal retreat and escape. No longer just for sleeping, bedrooms are now where many of us lounge during the day. Looking to add a little unique style to your bedroom? Here are 5 unique ideas...


1. Four Poster Beds Are Back

It may seem like a revisit into the past, but four poster beds are making a big comeback.  These new four poster beds offer a combination of style and sturdiness for those who make use of them, and bedroom designs that incorporate these beds are bold, impactful design statements. Depending on the direction of the design, a four poster bed can look feminine, traditional, tropical or modern.


2. Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is something that we are hearing about more and more as we talk to our clients and to other professionals in the design industry.  Bedroom decorating ideas now regularly include statement lighting. Whether it's an ornate crystal chandelier, or an oversized modern shade, or industrial with filament bulbs, the possibilities are endless. One statement light sets the tone for the entire look of the bedroom.


3. Minimalism

Less is more.  That always seems like a strange saying, but it’s definitely something that holds true when it comes to bedroom design ideas.  Minimalism is a concept that takes some getting used to if you haven’t put a room together in this style before, but if you pull it off you’ll definitely have a sleeping space to appreciate.


4. White Trim

People with kids and/or pets have often conditioned themselves to stay away from the color white at all costs for obvious reasons.  That’s too bad, because white really helps to balance a room and everything that exists within it.  A happy compromise that people are discovering involves white trim in the bedroom.  This will provide some bright influence and allow you to match that trim with your other pieces and colors. As an easier alternative to painting the entire room, changing the trim from color to white creates a fresh new look at a fraction of the cost and effort.


5. Natural Colors

You can never go wrong with nature and if you're ever wondering if a unique or unexpected color combination will work, think about whether it exists in nature. If it does, then it will work. This is a great way to break out of safe neutrals and tone-on-tone hues.


Any one of our 400+ designers can help you design a bedroom that's a unique reflection of your personal style - with a little extra wow. Start a project with Decorist today - the bedroom you've always wanted is just a few clicks away!

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