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5 Tips to Update Your Bathroom

APRIL 20, 2021
Photo credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Bathrooms tend to be one of the most expensive rooms in your home to renovate (second only to kitchens), but you don’t need to blow your budget to make your space feel like a sanctuary.  If installing a dream claw-foot tub or tiling your shower in floor-to-ceiling marble isn’t in the cards, there are a number of ways you can still get a luxe look to refresh your space without breaking the bank.

Upgrading smaller details like your mirror, vanity lighting, storage and bath linens will elevate your look without having to commit to a major renovation.  Here are our five favorite affordable bathroom ideas to hit refresh so that you can unwind.

Start with Haven Bath Linens

Photo credit: Bed Bath & Beyond


Bed Bath & Beyond’s new exclusive line, Haven, is a collection of spa-inspired essentials so you can create a spa experience without leaving home.  We like to start with new towels and bath linens to instantly brighten and beautify the space with minimal effort.  The sumptuous waffle towels in 100% organic cotton give you a five-star resort feel.  Mix and match colors and textures for a curated look and layer them in a basket or hang on a sophisticated towel ladder to add height and dimension.  A soft, absorbent bath mat makes stepping out of the shower a welcome experience, especially with a linen robe within easy reach.


Introduce Natural Elements

Photo credit: Athena Calderone


Natural elements and luxurious materials are a great way to recreate the spa feeling at home.  A wooden bath mat feels elevated and unexpected.  We love how the wood complements and softens porcelain, marble and tile.  Add a place to perch with a teak shower bench placed in a corner of your shower if you have space, or below a window to add a touch of sophistication to the everyday.  Applying body lotion and painting your toes just became a whole lot chicer.  And don’t forget some greenery!  Plants add life to an unused corner and look pretty on a bathroom counter.


In the Best Light Possible

Photo credit: Margaret Austin


Lighting is often overlooked in bathrooms, but it’s really where it shines.  Swap out your builder-grade overheads and decades-old “boob” lights for a beautiful new fixture.  A femine chandelier or flush mount can feel fresh over a bathtub or get selfie ready with a perfectly placed vanity sconce.  Space-saving pendant lights are also a great option for bathrooms.  Try hanging two smaller pendant lights on either side of your bathroom mirror to ensure even lighting, perfect for applying makeup or your new 10-step skincare routine.


Mirror, Mirror

Photo credit: Studio McGee

Just like with lighting, so many of us move into homes with contractor-grade mirrors and simply live with them.  By swapping out your bathroom mirror to one with a little more personality and space-saving storage, you can quickly transform your space.  Instead of the basic medicine cabinet, look for vintage detailing, a unique shape or an oversized design to reflect all of the beautiful new light (see above). 


Corral the Clutter

Photo credit: Colin King

The quickest way to transform your bathroom from an “ugh” to an “aaahhh” is to contain your odds and ends so that the space feels clean and organized.  Though glass hurricanes filled with cotton balls may be a thing of the past, we love vanity storage for the items you reach for daily.  A beautiful soap dish or dispenser next to your sink eliminates unsightly plastic bottles.  Keep your toothbrush in a chic tumbler and, as for those cotton balls, we think a sophisticated lidded jar or box is the perfect way to tuck them out of sight but still within reach. 


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