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5 Tips To A More Livable Kitchen

AUGUST 25, 2016
Photo credit: Natalia Foto

As the school year starts up for many busy families, kitchens become even more of a hub of daily activity. Today Decorist Elite Designer Cecilia Casagrande takes over our blog to share with us all her tips from making the kitchen a more livable space. Here are 5 tips to accomplishing what she likes to call, A "Living Room" Kitchen...

If your kitchen it is anything like mine, it’s the hub of the house where beyond cooking, eating, and drinking, we socialize, do homework, study, read, relax, play games, meet, greet, debate and even sometimes nap. I love to create kitchens in which you can do all of that easily and comfortably. The key is making your kitchen a warm and inviting living space, something more like a living room.

1. Comfortable Lounge Spaces

These are crucial! I love upholstered banquettes adorned with lots of pillows. Post-work waiting-for-dinner naps have been known to happen here. You can sit and eat, sit and read, sit and chat. As the space your family hangs out in most, you might as well make it one of the most comfortable.

2. Decorative / Ambient Lighting

Recessed lighting is a necessary element for busy kitchens, and nothing does the job better than ambient lighting. Place various sources around the area to spread light evenly and tactfully to set mood and tone. Gorgeous sconces, chandeliers, table pendant lights… put them under cabinets or over an island. Set them up to turn on separately to vary mood, functionality, and complimentary combinations. Be careful not to over-do it though. No one wants a ceiling that looks like swiss cheese! 

3. Wallpaper and Art

Wallpaper and art in the kitchen? Yes! I’m talking about really warm and beautiful statement paper that inlivens your space and tells the story of you. Say no to food or animal themed elements here, and think out of the box. This wallpaper speaks like a old dutch painting while giving depth with the black background and life with those oversized peonies. It is a contemporary look that gives a old world feel at the same time. Don’t be afraid to layer a painting over your paper to add more depth and give your eye a spot to rest.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Patina

Brass is back, thank goodness. This glorious metal is the warmest of all the metals- golden like the sun. However, you’re going to want to avoid the brass that has been lacquered and polished, as this 80’s look can often overpower and kill even the most beautifully designed kitchens. So, settle for brass with age and patina. Brass is actually a living metal, naturally a piece of art itself. The sink, handles and faucet in this kitchen are all unlaqured brass that will only get more beautiful in time. It’ll give that lived-in, warm and comfortable feel. It’s the way to go, I’m telling you! You can even do this with your marble counter- yes, live a little and let that carerra etch just like a Parisian cafe table, it will only get warmer and more elegant. 

5. Flora & Fauna

Nothing brings more life to a space than plants. So bring in the green! Ferns, succulents, flowers and a little rubber plant, all adorn this kitchen without making it look like a green house. Strike the perfect amount of green to clean the air, lift the spirits, and feel your room come alive and welcome you in. 

Love Cecilia's style? Start a project with Cecilia today and work with her to make your kitchen - or any other room in the house - a more livable space for you and your family.

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