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5 Tips To A Magazine-Worthy Kitchen

JULY 19, 2016
Photo credit: SF Showhouse

As featured in Architectural Digest

From the moment this project started, we knew we were going to love the final result. Our client loved both the initial design concepts that Decorist Celebrity designers 30 Collins created but took a leap of faith and went with the warm, monochromatic white-on-white concept, despite initial hesitations that it would look cold and that such a light palette wouldn't be practical. However, 30 Collins addressed both those concerns head-on and came up with a final design was both stylish and practical.

Airy, full of textures and layers of visual interest, with vintage-inspired elements throughout, it’s proof that magazine-worthy style does not come at a cost to practical family-style living. Our client's kitchen needed to accomodate the daily traffic of three kids and this open-concept kitchen is the hub of all family activity. Architectural Digest loved the white-on-white design elements but in addition to the sophiticated palette, this design also has 5 key elements that we can all use to help make our own kitchens both practical and stylish.

1. Mix seating in different styles

There are many fun options out there, so don’t hold back! We love the seating in this kitchen. While the seating is a mix of styles and shapes, the wood and rattan in all of them, like this arm chair and side chair, help to provide a cohesvie design thread throughout the room and provide great texture and visual interest. If you have different kind of chairs in the room, keep the color or the material similar to get a look that is pulled together without looking too "matchy."

2. Add small glam elements throughout

Small touches, plus a little shine, can equal big impact. A small collection of vases or a vintage container (like the one in brass in the design above) repurposed as a flower vase is one easy way to start. Swapping out those old cabinet knobs and refrigerator handles, for something with a touch of glam, is one of our favorite refresh hacks. Otherwise, any minimalistic accessories with a bit of gleam or shine, like these vases, can go a long way to make the space feel a little more special.

3. Add an unexpected light fixture

Nothing makes a more fabulous statement than a stunning light fixture. Elevate your kitchen to magazine readiness fast with a chandelier or a series of pendants that don’t disappoint. While it's easy to default to standard functional kitchen lighting, adding a beautiful light fixture that you would normally put into a living room or a bedroom makes a big impact in the kitchen because it's unexpected, and that helps set the tone of your entire look.

4. Declutter countertops and other surface areas

Kitchens are the hub of family activity, and countertops often bare the evidence! The first step to a fresher kitchen is to declutter countertops, table tops and other surface areas. While this might seem trivial, it often makes the big impact to how a kitchen looks. This kitchen design has hidden and built-in storage but even if your kitchen does not, think about relocating keys, other trinkets, and cooking utensils to drawers or decorative storing pieces, like big bowls or hanging shelves. Nothing brings in that airy serenity feeling easier than smooth expansive and decluttered countertops.


5. Layer on the textures for visual interest

We’re huge fans of this particular piece of woven wall art here at Decorist. The natural texture offers instant outdoor-indoor vibes that contribute to the open feel of the overall space. The sheepskin throws do the same, as do the pillows on the sofa. 

With these 5 tips, a kitchen fit for family activity and stylish enough for a magazine feature is yours for the making. And if you’re feeling really inspired, start a project with us today!

Happy Decorating :)


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