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5 Tips On Redecorating A Kid’s Room

JUNE 15, 2017
Photo credit: Aubrie Pick / Designed by Decorist

From time to time every parent takes a step back and marvels at how quickly their child has grown.  Grandparents always tell their children who have just had children to appreciate their time together, because it goes by very quickly.  It may not seem that way during the first few months of extreme sleep deprivation, but it is true that kids grow up fast.  Every kid’s sanctuary is his or her bedroom, and from time to time parents need to think about taking on the project of kid’s bedroom redecorating.  Decorist would like to offer 5 thoughts on the timing of this project.

Mismatched Replacements

As a child grows, he or she will likely encounter different needs at different times.  For instance, a changing table may be replaced by a dresser and/or a crib replaced with a bed.  After several instances where one piece is replaced, the entire room may not match.  This is when it may be time to consider taking on your child’s bedroom redecorating.

Storage Needs Change

The storage in a bedroom of a small child is generally used for extra toys and such.  As a child grows older, he or she may need more storage for clothing, computer equipment and the like.  Suddenly, those wall-mounted shelves are relatively useless.  It may be time to consider a kid’s bedroom redecorating project at this point.

Interests Tend to Change

As a child grows older, he or she moves from interests that include dolls, toy cars and the like to “older” sources of entertainment such as sports supplies and any number of other things.  That obviously changes the look of a room, so you may need to consider taking on your child’s bedroom redecorating project then.

Your Child Recognizes the Need

While most parents wouldn’t just redo a part of their home because their child requests it, many parents will start to notice that their child is not as comfortable in his or her room as he or she was in the past.  This may be time to tackle at least some of your kid’s bedroom redecorating desires to change things up a bit.

Younger Children Acquire Things

For parents who have multiple children, a system tends to form where things are handed down from one child to another.  This clearly saves time and costs, but it also raises the level of need for your child’s bedroom redecorating.  You’ll know when that time comes, and if you plan ahead a bit you could get this done with relative ease.

Overall, redecorating your child’s bedroom is something you’ll have to do when you feel the time is right.  However, that time isn’t always the same for every family.  Some kids become very attached to their bedrooms and don’t want anything to change.  If you’re wondering if the time is right for you to take on this project, feel free to contact the team at Decorist at any time.

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