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5 Reasons To Have an In-Law Suite

JULY 20, 2016

Why Have an In-Law Suite?  5 Ways Such a Space Could Be Used

In-law suites are extremely useful spaces as part of any home.  They provide extra room and several different options for homeowners.  In-law suite design is something that can be done in so many different ways that it would be impossible to count.  The best way to figure out how to handle your in-law suite decorating is to first figure out how it’s going to be used.  Below are 5 ways that an in-law suite could be used.  If any of these sound familiar, you may have your answer with regards to your in-law suite design.


The Obvious Reason

The most obvious reason to have an in-law suite is because your in-laws and other family members tend to visit regularly.  Visitors who have their own space tend to enjoy their time visiting someone’s home more, and if that’s how you’ll use yours then you will want to handle your in-law suite decorating a certain way.


Other Visitors

You may be someone who has lots of visitors in addition to your in-laws or other family members.  Perhaps you have close friends who live in different parts of the country who come to see you often or some other people who spend time with you.  Again, if this is your purpose for having such a space, it should help you decide on how to complete your in-law suite design.


Renting It Out to Tenants

Some people will want to turn their in-law suites into a space that generates revenue.  If you’re going to be renting your in-law suite out to tenants on a long-term basis, you will need to decide if you’re going to furnish it.  If you are, that clearly means that you’ll need to do some in-law suite decorating.


Vacation Rental

If you live in or near a tourist destination, your in-law suite is going to be in high demand during the height of the season.  Renting an in-law suite out to vacationers is different than renting it to long-term tenants, and that will likely affect how you work on your in-law suite design.


Keep It for Yourself

Despite the options available to you with your in-law suite, you may decide to avoid any hassle and just keep it as an extra room for yourself.  If you do so, you’ll still want to decide how you’re going to use it so that you can make the most of it. 


Let Decorist Help

Now that we’ve spelled out some different ways to put an in-law suite to use, it’s possible that you have decided that you need a little help in getting it decorated.  Fortunately, the team at Decorist and our 400 designers can help you with your in-law suite decorating. Start a project today!

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