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5 Questions Regarding A Home Addition

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

5 Questions Regarding A Home Addition

If you’ve decided that it’s time for a home addition, you’re probably feeling a lot of different emotions right now.  You may be feeling a combination of excitement, anxiety, anticipation and several others. If you’ve put some thought into this project, you’re probably encountering some big questions.  Perhaps the first and biggest question that people must deal with when considering a home addition is whether to build up or out.  If this is something you’re thinking about, take a look at what we’ve put together below, as we’re going to deal with 5 questions that you should consider with regards to this decision.


1. Cost

The most obvious initial question regarding an up-or-out home expansion is cost.  Generally speaking, building up requires more of an investment because there is simply more work involved with adding an entire level, or even a partial level, to an existing structure.  How much more cost is involved will obviously depend on the specifics of what you want done, but it is an extremely relevant factor.


2. Return on Investment

Ah, the old ROI.  While building up for your home expansion may cost more, it may also add more value to your home.  How much more value will depend on a few things, but you’ll need to think about whether that added value is worth the extra cost.  This entire question may turn on whether you plan on selling your home at any point in the near future. 


3. Your Surroundings

This home addition question somewhat relates to the first two listed above.  One of the fundamental reasons that someone would choose to build up instead or out – or vice versa – involves what you may be able to see if you do go up.  If you’re near a body of water of some type and building up will give you a better view of it, then building up may be the answer.  If not, then building out may be your choice for your home addition.


4. Your Purpose

When deciding on building up or out, you’ll need to clearly identify why it is that you’re taking on a home addition project.  If you’re doing so to provide more bedrooms for the people who live there, that may affect how you handle this project.  If you’re adding on to provide more entertainment options, that could also affect what you decide.


5. Your Décor

Finally, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to decorate your home expansion.  Here's where Decorist can help. Work with one of our interior designers to transform your home addition. Any one of our 400+ designers can work within your style and budget to give you the room you've always wanted. Start a project today!

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