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5 Pastel Color Palettes for the Perfect Nursery

MARCH 3, 2016
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From the childlike theme to the adorable wall decor, your little one’s nursery is a delight to decorate. But — as it always is with paint colors — deciding on a color palette that both you and your bundle of joy will love can be overwhelming. For a nursery that is cozy, whimsical and just as chic as any other room in the house, we’ve come up with five sweet (but not too sweet) pastel color palettes to try. What better way to welcome your newborn than a soft and soothing colored nursery? Scroll on and get smitten by our favorite pastel color palettes for a beautiful nursery fit for you and your little one.


1. Pretty in Pink

Pastel Pink Paint Color

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One of Pantone’s two colors of the year Rose Quartz has received a lot of attention in the design world, but this pastel hue has always been a nursery staple for the sweet and girly rooms. For a nursery that has that cozy-chic factor, try a soft shade of pink and cream color combo. This fully-feminine hue combined with a warm and inviting cream add a bright yet relaxing tone to any nursery.


2. Serene Blue

Serenity Blue Wall Color

Photo Credit:

Pantone’s other color of the year Serenity creates a nurturing environment that goes together perfectly with a nursery. Known for its calming and relaxing tone, this soft blue hue has a serene effect on any space. Try a pastel blue and ivory color combo or even a soft blue wall mixed with pastel pink drapes for a well-designed space that combines two of this year’s biggest color trends. As an added bonus, studies have even shown that the color blue stimulates creativity. What’s not to love?


3. Fresh Mint Green

Mint Green Nursery Wall Paint

Photo Credit:

For a gender-neutral space that’s the quintessential of freshness, go for a soft green color palette. Versatile, timeless and invigorating, a pastel mint green hue might be one of the chicest color options for your little one’s nursery. Try the softest shade of green with other relaxing tones like soft peach, blush or an elegantly patterned wallpaper. To top off the look, decorate with a few gold accents that are sure to give any nursery that chic factor.

4. Dreamy Lavender

Chic Lavender Nursery

Photo Credits:

While purple is often considered a wall color faux pas, we think it is a playful and versatile hue to decorate your dream nursery. For a clean and gender-neutral space, combine pastel lavender with sophisticated neutrals like gray and white. For a sweet nursery with just a hint of femininity, go for a warm and soft look with pastel lavender and blush. Either way, a lavender hue is sure to bring any nursery lots of whimsy.

5. Cheerful Coral

Interior Designer Amber Lewis

Photo Credit:

A bright and bold coral color palette is perfect for both mommy and her little one. For a dash of glam and a whole lot of whimsical, try a soft coral shade combined with gender-neutral pastels. Mint green, white and gold with coral create a nursery look that’s vibrant, modern and cozy. Think of the girlish hue as the nursery’s pretty pick-me-up.


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