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5 Paint Colors That Will Make Your Space Look Bigger

JULY 13, 2022
Photo credit: Decorist

Working out the design details for a small area can often feel like a huge task— from finding the right room layout and floor plan to detailed furniture measurements — the checklist feels neverending. When in doubt, the best (and possibly the easiest) place to start is paint. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your walls and create the illusion that your small space is so much more than just its square footage.

Ahead, we’ve tapped five of our talented Decorist designers for their favorite paint colors that are sure to make your room look and feel more spacious.

1. Charcoal  

 Image via MyDomaine

I'm going to be bold here and say charcoal grey. I love Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal.  With its warm undertones and a hint of green, it can really do wonders for a small room, especially if it is North-facing and does not have a ton of natural light. To really get the illusion of a larger space, go all out and paint the ceiling and trim the same color. This will make it feel like it has more depth while adding a dramatic and intimate touch. If you’re scared of the color absence, don’t be! Brighten it up with furniture and accent pieces that fall within a lighter color scheme, such as whites, light blues, yellows, and even reds to give it a majestic feel. — Decorist Designer Summer Belli


2. Gray Beige

 Image via Architectural Digest

I love Benjamin Moore's Ashley Grey in a room you want to look bright and spacious while also keeping things warm and comfortable. White is always a great choice to make a room feel larger, but sometimes it can feel boring and unfinished. This taupe color feels very warm but also allows for the space to feel expansive with the reflections from the windows. Using different finishes (matte and satin) will give some dimension to the space. — Decorist Designer Andie Hamm 


3. Ice Blue

 Image via Architectural Digest, Miles Redd

Benjamin Moore's Arctic Blue is one of my favorite colors, not only because it is a calming color but because it is a color that makes a room look bigger. The different undertones of this hue add a fresh and airy atmosphere to any small space. Also, you don't only need to use it on your walls. You can be fun and try it on your ceiling or even the floor. — Decorist Designer Julia Castle 


4. Lacey White

 Image credit: Juniper Home

In my designs, and what I look for in my own home, are colors that make a space feel bigger and brighter than they actually are. Recently I have been loving Sherwin William's Bohemian Lace. It truly gives a room a light open feeling but has a warmness too. You can brighten it up by modernizing the furnishing and finishes or you can downplay it with darker accents to really make the walls pop. It can be used in any room in the home. Colors that give a bright feeling are ones that make a space more inviting and, to me, help them feel more spacious. — Decorist Designer Kate Kroupa 

5. Black

 Image via Architectural Digest

Black paint is the magical color of design that makes the room look bigger by creating depth and interest. One of my favorites is “Broadway” by Behr.  I love using black paint as an accent color to a space, like a hallway, stair rail, ceiling, breakfast nook, fireplaces, etc. Painting a unique architectural feature black in a room adds dimension. Otherwise, the room could look and feel flat. This beautiful rich dark color draws the eye through the room which gives the appearance of a larger space. — Decorist Designer Rebecca Hansen 



Need help deciding on a paint color for your walls?  Schedule a 30-minute 1:1 Video Design Consultation to get real-time design advice on all of your paint questions— and more!  Try a Video Design Consultation today!  

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