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5 Ideas For Versatile Apartment Furniture

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

5 Ideas For Versatile Apartment Furniture

As young adults move into apartments, they are discovering that there simply is not room for everything that they want to include in their living space.  There will most likely be no dining room table, large bed, full living room set and everything else that comes with a larger home.  For a long time, people were forced to decide between what they had to have and what they were willing to give up to make their small living spaces more comfortable.  That’s no longer the case.  Apartment furniture is changing to reflect the smaller apartments that people are renting, and apartment furniture decorating is changing as well.  Below are 5 versatile apartment furniture ideas to keep in mind if you’re about to move into this type of space.


1. The Bed and Desk Wall Combo

Who would have ever thought it possible to combine a wall bed and a desk?  These are usually two very large items that will not successfully coexist in a small space.  These days, you can find options for your apartment furniture decorating that include a wall bed that folds up into the wall, folds down into a bed or even includes the ability to fold down a desk. 


2. Chairs with Shelves

Chairs are also furniture pieces that take up a lot of room, especially comfortable chairs.  Another item that usually needs a lot of space is shelving.  So what if you could combine those two things into one piece?  Now you can, and apartment furniture decorating just got a whole lot more interesting and more efficient. 


3. A Couch, a Chaise Longue and a Bed

A couch, a chaise longue and a bed seems like a lot of things combined into one, doesn’t it?  It must be an enormous piece of furniture, right?  Wrong.  Companies are now offering apartment furniture that serves as a modular sofa, a chaise lounge and a guest bed.  All you need to do is rearrange the pieces and you’ve got apartment furniture galore.


4. A Mirror and a Dining Room Table

In many apartment furniture decorating plans, a dining room table also serves as a work desk, a television stand and perhaps a closet for random clothing.  That’s because once you put a dining room table into an apartment, there was little room for anything else.  Now you can choose from dining room table models where you can remove the legs and hang the ‘table’ on the wall as a mirror, as mirrored glass sits on the underside of the flat area.


5. An Ottoman or 5 Seats?

What if you could take apart an ottoman and have each side of it serve another purpose?  You can do that now as companies are offering pieces that can be pulled apart and made into separate seats.  That’s right – one ottoman can be reconfigured into five separate seats for people. 


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