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5 Ideas for Summer Heat Decorating

JUNE 15, 2017
Photo credit: Lonny

5 Ideas for Summer Heat Decorating To Help Stay Cool

Most of us have at least entertained the idea of taking on some form of summer decorating, and many times this project comes along simply because we want to change our look for the changing season.  While that’s always a good idea, there are others who may want to consider summer heat decorating, or decorating your home to help you at least somewhat minimize the heat that most of us are forced to endure when the summer grows hot.  Whether you have temperature control indoors or not, we’d like to present 5 ideas for summer heat decorating that will help you keep you cool and your patience.

Lighter Colors

Whether the difference is scientific, it’s perception or a bit of both, lighter colors tend to make a difference in the overall feel of a home.  Instead of black or brown, choose white paint or light blue or some other color that works well with your décor.  Your room will feel lighter, breezier and most likely at least a bit cooler.

Strategic Fans

Fans make a big difference in any home, as moving air not only provides a breeze but it also helps circulate the hotter air upward.  Some people will install ceiling fans to help with their summer heat decorating, while others will add small tabletop fans that add a nice little look to a room and that don’t have to be mounted.  In some places, both types of fans would be worthwhile.

Line Your Curtains

Do you ever wonder why some curtains – particularly those in the living room or where people tend to gather in a home – are lined?  That extra layer can make a difference in terms of reflecting the heat that is coming in from the sun, that’s why.  Small layers of white linen can help to deflect some of the heat of the summer while still allowing some light into a home.

Sprinklers Can Also Be Fun

A lot of people, particularly those who live in warmer climates, have sprinkler systems in their yard.  While these are a good idea for watering plant life, you may want to consider adding some stylish portable sprinklers or misters around the outdoor portion of your home.  A little water can be combined with summer decorating to go a long way towards staying cooler.

Patio Cover

No one wants to sit and scorch themselves in a hot sun that beats down on them all day long.  You don’t have to either if you add a nice patio cover – even a retractable one – to your outdoor gathering area.  Turn that sunny spot into cooler shade and do so with a splash of style.  You’ll be glad you did as you enjoy a cool drink outdoors.

Overall, summer heat decorating is more strategic than anything else.  If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with this project, feel free to contact the team at Decorist at any time.

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