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5 Ideas For Small Apartment Decorating


5 Ideas for Small Apartment Decorating

Millions of people live in small apartments, and that number is growing every year across the United States.  It can seem as though living in a small space means that you’ll have to give up a lot of convenience and really pare down what belongs to you.  While there will always be some of that when you move, living in a smaller apartment doesn’t mean that you have to start tossing furniture.  Small apartment decorating is an art like anything else, and those who put some time into it will soon realize that a lot can be done to make the space look larger, feel larger and function on a larger level. Below are 5 ideas to consider as you take on this project.


1. Use Walls as Cabinets

Most people simply think of walls as places to hold art, photos, perhaps a television and some other things.  You can actually use your walls as cabinets if you put the right shelving in place.  It’ll create storage, space and the illusion of size.


2. Use Versatile Furniture

One of the more overlooked pieces of furniture that is helpful in almost any apartment decorating project is the ottoman.  Ottomans can serve several purposes, including as foot rests, as extra seats and as a colorful decoration if they are slid under a clear coffee table when not being used.


3. Use Corners for Shelves

When living in a small apartment, every square inch matters.  One of the areas of any home that is often left as wasted space is corners.  Make use of the corners as part of your apartment decorating by putting some tasteful shelves there.  You’ll make use of that space, be able to put more things away and add to the overall look of the area.


4. Use Shelves as Walls

Shelves can do a lot more than occupy what would otherwise be wasted space and store things.  They can also serve as walls.  Put some shelving units in between pieces of furniture such as a bed and a table and you’ll create the illusion of separate rooms.  This is particularly handy in a studio apartment.


5. Use Beds with Storage

Finally, every apartment, no matter how small, needs some sort of bed.  You can find beds now that serve as more than a place to sleep.  Some have nifty storage spaces under the mattress or along the side of the bed where you can put things that you don’t normally use or need. 


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