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5 Ideas for Sewing Room Decorating

JUNE 16, 2017
Photo credit: Image via Pinterest

5 Ideas For Your Sewing Room Design Project

Millions of people across the United States are passionate about sewing.  Making your own clothes, furniture coverings, blankets and the like is not only satisfying, but if done right it can save quite a bit of money.  As anyone who sews understands, this is an activity that requires a lot of space.  Most sewing machines are heavy, so people are understandably less than excited about moving them around constantly when looking for a place to work.  That’s why a sewing room is such a benefit.  However, sewing room decorating can be a challenge, particularly if someone has never had such a room before.  What goes into such a room?  How do I get started?  If you’re asking these questions to yourself, you’re far from alone.  Decorist has helped a lot of people with their sewing room design projects.  Below you’ll find 5 ideas to consider if you’re going to take this step in your home.

Storage For Your Notions

People who sew need notions at their disposal.  Things like buttons, snaps and the like are constantly being incorporated into clothing, and they need to be readily available.  There are many tasteful ways to store notions as part of your sewing room decorating, including some attractive drawers near your sewing table or shelves with tasteful boxes on the wall nearby.  

Room For a Mirror

If you’ve been working without a sewing room, chances are you’ve had to walk through the house with your partially-completed project to find the nearest mirror.  This can cause problems for the dress, blanket or whatever you’re making.  Storage room design should include enough space for something like a tri fold mirror so you can take an immediate look at what you’re doing.

Proper Lighting

It’s not uncommon for sewers to have a small lamp attached to their sewing tables.  While this is helpful for spotting things that you need to notice, it doesn’t necessarily create a pleasant atmosphere visually.  You can incorporate proper lighting into your sewing room design project so that you can avoid any harsh lighting.

Comfort Is Key

Sewing involves a lot of sitting, and it’s no fun at all to sit for hours in an uncomfortable chair.  Your sewing room decorating should include a comfortable chair that keeps you in the proper posture but that also keeps you comfortable and able to concentrate on your work instead of the pain in the lower part of your back.

Ironing Board and Power Outlet

Sewing also involves a lot of ironing at different stages of a project.  You may want to consider installing an ironing board with a rack that mounts it to the wall.  This will allow you easy access to it but also the option of putting it away when you don’t need it.  The only other consideration to keep in mind is to install that ironing board near a power outlet so you can plug in your iron easily.

If you’re still wondering what to do about your sewing room decorating project, feel free to contact the professionals at Decorist at any time for help.  

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