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5 Ideas for Playroom Decorating

JUNE 15, 2017
Photo credit: Decorist Showhouse photo by Audrie Pick

5 Ideas To Consider For Your Playroom Decorating Project

For people with multiple children, a playroom makes a lot of sense.  It’s a place that serves as a home for everyone’s toys and other play equipment so that you’re not constantly stepping over things on your way from Point A to Point B.  However, such a room still needs to undergo playroom decorating from time to time like any other space in your home.  Completing this type of a project can make all the difference between a dumping ground and a tasteful room.  The team at Decorist has helped many people tackle this problem, and over time we’ve come to recognize some common questions that people ask.  We’ve formulated those common questions into ideas for you to consider as you encounter your playroom decorating task.  Below you’ll find 5 of those ideas.

Make Use of the Walls

Parents understand that in many cases, kids will make use of the walls in a home for play whether those walls were meant to be used in that manner or not.  When doing your playroom design, take this into account and add things like a chalkboard wall, cork on a wall or even both.  Not only will it be fun for the kids, but it could keep the other walls in your home clean.

Protect the Open Space

There is a lot of “stuff” that accumulates when you have kids.  It’s easy to pile this “stuff” up to the point where it completely overtakes a room.  Your playroom decorating should include a plan that protects the open space in that room, otherwise your little ones may fall into the habit of grabbing a toy and going somewhere else to play with it, thereby defeating the entire purpose.

Use Soft Furniture

When kids use a playroom, they’re going to do more than just play with toys.  If more than one child is going to use the room simultaneously, they’re going to entertain themselves in several ways.  This could include roughhousing, so your playroom design should plan for this eventuality.  You can do this by only using soft furniture with no hard surfaces or edges, such as beanbag chairs or soft, foldable couches.

Accessible Storage

Many parents have said that a playroom is a good opportunity to teach their kids to put things away and take care of their own space.  You can do the same if you so choose, but only if your playroom design includes storage that the little ones can access.  If you’re going to have shelves, for instance, you should install them low enough on the wall that the kids can reach them easily.

Audio/Visual Stimulation

Finally, your playroom decorating could include some other form of stimuli that keep your kids entertained and enjoying their space.  Many parents have included some form of audio and/or visual entertainment in their playroom design depending on their preferences.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your specific project, contact the team at Decorist at any time with your questions.  

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