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5 Ideas for Patio Decorating

JUNE 15, 2017

5 Ideas for Patio Decorating For the Summer

As we move into summer, you may be one of the many people considering how to adapt your home to the season.  This is true whether you live in a large country home or a smaller apartment in the middle of an enormous metropolitan area.  We all love summer and most of us do what we can to maximize our time in the sun.  If you have a patio that you like to spend time on, you may be mulling over some options for patio decorating that will add to the experience of spending time there.  If so, the team at Decorist has 5 ideas for you to keep in mind as you tackle this project.

Maximize Your Open Space

Some balconies are simply not very large.  This creates a slight challenge for those who are engaged in patio decorating, but for those who are willing to get creative it can be an opportunity to maximize the space that is there.  For instance, if you have furniture that can fold and hang when not being used, that could be something to consider.

Maximize Plant Life

Plants may not be something that a lot of people notice immediately, but your patio decorating should include some sort of idea for plant life.  That’s going to make a big difference in the overall ambience of your patio.  Once again, if space is limited, consider some hanging plants or plant boxes that hang off of your railing.  

Maximize Colors

People are drawn to spaces that appeal to their senses, and if your patio decorating includes working in some color, they will be drawn to it.  If you have a table, make it colorful or add a tablecloth.  You could do the same with other furniture covers if possible, and in some cases even an indoor/outdoor throw rug would make a lot of sense.

Maximize Your Functionality

Have you ever spent time on a balcony when, every time someone needed a drink or more to eat, you had to climb back inside to retrieve it?  When doing your patio decorating, see if it’s possible to include some functionality that allows you to store some food or drink out there or perhaps to cook food or mix and pour drinks.  

Maximize Seating Options

Finally, your patio decorating should include some ideas for maximizing your seating options.  You may want to use smaller pieces of furniture that can accommodate more people as opposed to one or two larger, space-consuming pieces that will dominate the area.  It’ll make it much more comfortable for everyone who is out there at any given time.

Overall, you should simply look to extend what makes you comfortable inside of your home to your patio.  This may help you with some ideas to get you started.  If you’d like more ideas or some more specific guidance with regards to your patio decorating project, please feel free to contact our team at Decorist.  We’re happy to help you move things forward.  

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