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5 Ideas for Kids Bathroom Decorating

JUNE 17, 2017
Photo credit: Pinterest

Decorist – 5 Ideas for Kids’ Bathroom Decorating

Let’s face it – parents are generally thrilled just to get their kids to use the bathroom dependably, and for quite a while that’s enough of a victory.  However, it usually isn’t long before at least one adult in the home starts wondering about kids’ bathroom decorating.  The kids’ bathroom is a room just like any other, and it should be decorated properly to make it as functional and attractive as possible.  A lot of parents struggle mightily with their kids’ bathroom design, and we’ve talked to quite a few of them since we started helping people with their interior design needs.  Below you’ll find 5 ideas for kids’ bathroom decorating that may help you get started on putting this challenging project behind you.


1. Personalize Things

Anyone who has ever had a child or grown up with another child understands that these bathrooms can quickly become a disaster.  Some have suggested that kids should be given some sort of ownership of the room.  If you personalize things like towels or other items as part of your kids’ bathroom decorating, that could motivate them somewhat to keep things in order.  

2. Go With Durable

Obviously, the last thing you want to do as part of your kids’ bathroom design is place fancy, expensive and delicate items in there that could be ruined.  Instead, use linens, cups and anything else in there that’s durable and perhaps lower cost.  Less expensive does not mean less attractive, so there is a balance that can be achieved in that regard.

3. Easy Storage Access

If you have little ones, you don’t want to put the extra towels or washcloths on shelves that are too high for them to reach.  You should make sure that your kids’ bathroom decorating includes a setup whereby the kids can get to those things without having to climb on anything else, or you may risk them using these items for too long between washes.

4. Easy Laundry Access

We’re guessing that there has been a time when you’ve walked into your kids’ bathroom to find dirty clothes strewn about.  As part of your kids’ bathroom design, make sure to include something that allows for easy access to laundry, such as a nice, big hamper that’s easy to open and reach.

5. Easy Bathroom Utensils Access

How likely is it on any given day that your son or daughter is going to brush his or her teeth when told when doing so requires performing a daredevil act to reach the toothbrush?  Make this easy for them as well as part of your kids’ bathroom design.  Put holders and the like closer to the edge of the counter so they don’t have to strain to reach them.

Overall, kids’ bathroom decorating can be a challenge, as no two kids or sets of siblings are ever completely alike.  However, if you start with the basic concepts revolving on functionality and likelihood of success for them, you may just find a way to get this project done.  If you’d like specific help, please feel free to contact our team at Decorist with your questions.  

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