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5 Ideas for Home Office Decorating

JUNE 16, 2017
Photo credit: Carol Vaziri

5 Home Office Decorating Ideas To Consider

According to statistics available from the United States government, the percentage of Americans who work at least part of the time at home grew from 19 percent in 2003 to 24 percent in 2015.  Many experts expect that trend to continue.  If you’re one of the millions of people who work from home at least some of the time, you may have realized by now that simply opening your laptop at the kitchen table is not conducive to working productively.  You need a home office, and if you have a spare room to use you’re in a good position to have one.  However, home office design can be a challenge, particularly if that room you intend to use is not sitting empty at the moment.  Our team at Decorist has helped quite a few people with their home office decorating projects, and we’d like to present you with 5 ideas to consider as you take on this project.

Define All of the Room’s Purposes

As stated above, it’s likely that the room you intend to use as an office is already being used for something else, such as a guest room.  One of the first steps you should take as you prepare for home office decorating is to define all of the potential uses for the room so you don’t have to do anything twice.

Define Those Who Will Use the Room

The next step you may want to consider for your home office design project is to determine how many people will use the space for working.  For instance, if you and your spouse both work from home, you may consider adding furniture that allows for two work spaces instead of just one to accommodate everyone.

Choose a Quiet Space

Most people work more efficiently if they are sitting in a comfortable and quiet space.  You should not put your home office in a location where there is a lot of foot traffic going by your door or where there is a lot of noise in the next room.  Quiet is critical when handling your home office design.

Will Kids Be Allowed?

If you have children who live at home, you’ll need to determine whether or not they will be allowed in your home office.  If they will be, you should consider adding less expensive and more durable pieces as part of your home office decorating project.  That’s simply a practical decision that will help you avoid additional costs down the road.

Functionality vs. Aesthetics

Have you ever been to a very nice library or an office where everything looked so valuable and pristine that you were afraid to touch anything?  As you handle your home office design, you need to find the balance between aesthetics and functionality.  Sure, you want the room to look nice, but you don’t want it to be sterile or uncomfortable.  

If you’re still struggling with how to get started on your home office decorating project, feel free to contact our team at Decorist at any time for help.

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