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5 Ideas For Father’s Day Decorating That Will Make Him Smile

JUNE 15, 2017

Father’s Day is coming up very soon, and families around the country may be thinking of what they’re going to get Dad to show him how much he is appreciated for what he does. Dads are not easy when it comes to gifts, as they tend to just acquire what they want during the year and many of them are not all that interested in traditional gifts such as clothes or dinner. Our team at Decorist has been through a Father’s Day or two, and we’ve noticed that many of our customers in the past have searched for Father’s Day decorating ideas that will put a smile on Dad’s face. We’re going to present 5 of those common and what we think are very good ideas below, but feel free to ask a designer if you have any specific questions.


1. Finish the Man Cave

There are few if any places more important to a Dad than his man cave, as that’s where he gets to go to enjoy some quiet after the end of a long day. That man cave may not be anything more than a couch and a television in a relatively empty room or outdoor space, though, so perhaps you could do some Father’s Day decorating and finish out the room with some additional items and perhaps even some décor.


2. Boss Up That Barbecue

Father’s Day is one of those days of the year when barbecues are extremely popular around the country. Not only is Father’s Day a good one for barbecues, but the gift of adding some excitement and atmosphere to the barbecue area is a gift that will keep on giving all year long. He’ll never appreciate Father’s Day decorating like he would with a fully functional barbecue space.


3. Ratchet Up That Work Area

A lot of different Dads are handy and enjoy working with their hands. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ve ever been interested in making the area look better or more functional. You can help with some Father’s Day decorating that adds some of those pieces to that work area so he’s more comfortable when he does his thing.


4. Crank Up That Cooking Area

A large number of Dads do the cooking around the house quite regularly, if not nightly. More Dads cook for their families now than ever before, and they need the same type of help when it comes to the workability of this part of the home as anyone else. Think about adding some items to the kitchen for him.


5. Clarify That Closet

Let’s be honest: a lot of Dads out there really don’t worry too much about their closet space, and many are willing to give it up to others. That doesn’t mean that some Father’s Day decorating in that part of the home will not make a difference, however, so think about that idea if you’re looking for a unique gift.


Overall, Father’s Day is an opportunity not only to show Dad how much he matters, but it’s also a chance to add a nice look to an area of your home. Contact Decorist if you want to explore this idea further.

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