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5 Ideas For Decorating Your Entryway

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

5 Ideas For Decorating Your Entryway

It’s one of the most overlooked rooms in almost any house – the entryway.  Nearly everyone who enters your home sees your entryway first, and the entryway is the last thing that people see when they leave.  While not much thought is given to this area, a little bit of creative entryway design can make an enormous difference in the overall look of your home and the impression that greets people and wishes them well on their way out the door.  Here are 5 ways to easily decorate your entryway


1. Go Bold With Your Walls

Too many entryways are drab and plain, and this makes for a forgettable space even for those who live in that home.  When doing your entryway decorating, don’t forget to add something to your walls, and don’t be afraid to be bold, as that will make your entryway memorable instead of forgettable.


2. Add Some Seating

Many people prefer that those who come into their homes through an entryway take off their shoes before moving farther into the house.  While this is a good strategy for keeping the home clean, you should also provide somewhere for people to sit as they remove their shoes or put them back on.  It’ll make a big difference in the overall experience of visiting you.


3. Utility Is Important

What’s one of the most common things that people do immediately before they leave the house?  They take one last look in the mirror. Why not include a mirror in your entryway design?  People will be able to take that last look without wandering into a different room and you’ll add some style to that space.


4. Don’t Forget Your Floor

Entryway decorating should also include something for your floor.  Since you’ll be adding a nice touch of something to your walls and perhaps adding some seating, you should take advantage of the opportunity to add some color to your entryway by finding a nice throw rug to put down.  It’ll create a warm and cozy feeling.


5. Organize

When people come into your home, particularly if you live in a colder climate, they’re going to need somewhere to put their coats.  Perhaps your kids need somewhere to stash their backpacks and other items.  Entryway decorating should include some pieces that allow for coats to be hung in an organized manner, and perhaps some shelves or cubbies will provide a place to put those things that always seem to come home with people.


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