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5 Ideas For Decorating Your Cabin

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

5 Ideas for Your Cabin Decorating

If you’re a person who enjoys the woods and the wilderness, chances are you also love the idea of having a cabin at your disposal for those times when you just want to escape.  Cabins used to be the ultimate in utilitarian shelter.  They were put together to protect people from the elements and not much else.  Cabins have come a long way since the frontier days, and people are putting a lot of effort into their cabin design.  Not all cabins have to be as rustic as possible, either, as modern amenities are becoming more of the norm for this style of living.  Below you’ll find 5 ideas to consider if you’re thinking about decorating your cabin. 


1. Feature the Fireplace

Just because people are including modern amenities in their cabin decorating doesn’t mean that they aren’t keeping some classic features that are the hallmark elements of cabin design.  The center point for almost any cabin is the fireplace.  That’s probably the case with yours as well.  If so, make sure it’s featured and do some work on it if required.  You’ll be happy you did.


2. Nurture the Wood

Cabins are widely known for the way in which wood dominates the look.  This is a good thing in modern cabin design if it’s done right.  Make sure that the wood that’s exposed on the ceilings and walls is in good shape and let it all hang out on display for that classic look. 


3. Don’t Forget the Stone

It was also common back in the day to include some large stones throughout a cabin for the sake of stability.  Most of these stones, if properly exposed, cleaned and maintained, are nothing short of stunning.  Use them to your advantage in your cabin decorating efforts. 


4. Don’t Be Afraid of Windows

Most people who think of cabins think of sturdy wooden structures that do not offer much in terms of a view because windows back in those times were small and scarce.  These days, many cabins are built in areas surrounded by beauty.  Take advantage of that scenery from inside your cabin with some large windows that let you take it all in.


5. Embrace the Wilderness with a Deck

Finally, if you really want to take in the deep woods and the body of water that sits near your cabin, do so in a way that’s up close and personal.  Either add a deck as part of your cabin design or modernize the one that’s already there.  You can sit out under the stars and really appreciate the reason you have such a place to use.


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