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5 Ideas for Decorating Balcony Gardens

JUNE 16, 2017

Decorist – 5 Ideas for Balcony Garden Decorating

It’s summertime, which means that we are spending a lot more time outdoors.  For some people, that means that they are spending their evenings – or as many of them as possible – on their balconies.  Balconies can exist in large, single-family homes or in smaller apartments in large cities, but they all exist to give people a bit of outdoor space, some fresh air and in many cases a view of their surroundings.  Regardless of the size of these spaces, a lot of people struggle with what to add to a balcony.  Balcony gardens always seem like a great idea, but balcony garden decorating can be a challenge.  We’ve helped quite a few people with this situation, so below you’ll find 5 ideas for balcony garden decorating to consider as you put this project together.

Keep Things Mobile

As you may have already experienced in more than one context, it’s possible to change your mind as time moves forward.  That’s not really possible for folks who have balcony gardens that feature built-in fixtures and boxes, as those are generally not going anywhere without major time and expense.  Stick with pots and planters for ease of mobility.

Accentuate Your Furniture

You probably already have some furniture pieces on your balcony, and as is the case with decorating your interior, plants can definitely add an aesthetic quality to your furniture.  The same goes with balcony gardens, as they are not limited to one spot.  Add some green to your tables and you’ll add to your overall look.

Add Some Food

When people consider the possibility of balcony garden decorating, most will think of flowers, vines and the like.  However, balcony gardens can and often do include food.  Is there anything prettier than watching a nice vine of tomatoes growing alongside your flowers?  This will add an entirely new dimension to your balcony.

Herbs Also Work Well

Have you ever smelled fresh basil or parsley growing in a garden somewhere?  It’s hard to beat that aroma, isn’t it?  Why not include some herbs in your balcony garden decorating plan?  Most herbs are small in size and will fit naturally with other plants such as flowers or produce.  

Get Creative

Obviously, you’ll have more options for things like balcony gardens because they are outdoors when it comes to plant options.  That means that you should not be afraid to get extremely creative with your ideas.  Not all of them will work out, but if you stick with the ideas above you won’t have any trouble making changes if or when they are necessary.

Overall, balcony garden decorating can be a bit complicated, but it should also be a lot of fun.  You can try new things and you can even add to your meals if you add some food and herbs along with whatever else you decide to incorporate.  If you’re having trouble getting started, you should always feel free to contact our team at Decorist.  We’d be happy to see what we can do to get you started or even to help you finish.

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