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5 Ideas for Barbecue Pit Decorating

JUNE 16, 2017
Photo credit: Jana Williams

5 Ideas for Barbecue Pit Decorating

Millions of people around the United States have some sort of dedicated outdoor cooking area on their properties.  While some may think that these areas need nothing more than a grill and a way to make fire, there is a lot more to it so that the cooking can go smoothly, the meals can be prepared properly and the area can look presentable.  Barbecue pit design is not necessarily complicated or expensive, but it does require some planning and some organization.  Decorist has helped quite a few people with their barbecue pit decorating efforts, and over time we’ve come to recognize some common ideas that we have shared with the people who have worked with us.  Below are 5 of them for you to consider as you take on this project.

The Food Prep Area

A lot of us have had to cook outdoors without a proper food prep area.  That means that we’re sprinkling, pouring or rubbing sauces and seasoning on food awkwardly or inside the home before coming outside to cook.  Barbecue pit design should include some sort of counter space where food prep can be done efficiently and cleanly.

Dedicated Stowing Places

Have you ever seen a barbecue area where the grill tools, grates and the like were sort of hanging around loosely?  That doesn’t create a very appetizing look for those who are going to eat these meals and it makes things difficult for the chef.  Barbecue pit decorating should include dedicated places for things that are used often while cooking.

Weather Protection

Weather protection can be a challenge when it comes to some types of barbecue pit design.  It’s going to rain and/or become windy at times, and you really can’t have a grill under a roof.  Therefore, your barbecue pit should have some sort of cover for the counter and grill or some sort of portable cover for the entire area.

Don’t Forget Safety

It’s easy to forget, particularly if the chef is an expert griller, that these meals are made with fuel and fire.  Your barbecue pit decorating or design should be such that the cooking area is somewhere near a source of water, such as a hose nozzle or something else such as a fire extinguisher just in case something goes wrong and you need to extinguish a small blaze before it becomes a big problem.

Other Useful Tools

A lot of barbecue pit designs these days include other “tools of the trade” to make things more efficient.  For instance, it’s common to see a refrigerator built into a counter somewhere near the grill and/or for a sink to be included in the barbecue pit build-out.  These types of items make everything easier to manage.

If you’re still not sure how you should proceed with your barbecue pit design, you are far from alone.  If you’d like specific guidance with regards to your own outdoor cooking preferences, feel free to contact the team at Decorist at any time for help.

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