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5 Ideas for Attic Decorating

JUNE 16, 2017
Photo credit: Image via Pinterest

Decorist – 5 Ideas to Consider For Your Attic Decorating Project

Families who live in houses tend to look for ways to maximize the space available to them, particularly as those families grow in number.  A 3-bedroom home may work well for people with two children, but when that third one comes along and you have guests, a home quickly becomes crowded.  One area of the home that people are looking to develop is the attic.  Attic decorating can seem like a daunting challenge, as most people do not spend much time there and those who do likely use it for storage.  However, attic design is a task that can be accomplished efficiently with the proper plan in place.  Our team at Decorist has helped many people with attic decorating projects, and we’d like to offer 5 ideas for attic design for you to consider.

Maximize the Natural Light

Some attics have surprisingly large windows while others have only small units given that attics are not generally built with the thought that people are going to occupy them.  Regardless of the size or number of windows, your attic design plan should include making the most of that natural light.  Avoid blocking windows with furniture or with dark curtains and you’ll create a warmer feel.

Use Subtle Lighting

Assuming you’re going to maximize the natural light available to you in this space, you should only add subtle lighting to your attic.  Incorporating a lot of artificial lighting into a relatively closed-off space can lead to an artificial feel, so you may want to avoid purchasing a lot of lamps and/or light fixtures for your attic design project.

Enhance the Rustic Qualities

Most attics are not finished, meaning that beams and the like are often exposed.  This status lends itself nicely to a rustic feel for your attic decorating, so take advantage of that opportunity.  Not only will your attic look good, but you’ll also avoid the costs of drywall and the like.  You’ll also get the project done faster.

Curtains Create Storage

Attics don’t tend to have walls that separate one portion of the space from another.  Instead of incurring the expense of building walls into the room, consider adding curtains in corners or somewhere else that can create boundaries for things like closets or changing rooms.  Once again, you’ll also save time on your attic design work.

Think About Temperature Control

Attics tend to be hot during the day, as heat naturally rises in a home.  They can also be cold at night.  Before moving someone into your attic, make sure that you’ve considered some sort of temperature control strategy so that the room is as comfortable as possible.  

Overall, attic decorating can be fun and exciting, and when you’re finished you’ll have successfully added a new room to your home without building anything.  If you’re ready to get started but need help with specifics, feel free to contact the team at Decorist at any time with your questions.

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