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5 Design Trends for 2017

JULY 20, 2016

5 Interior Design Trends For 2017

Don’t look now, but it won’t be too much longer before 2017 is upon us.  Yes, that’s right – time for resolutions, diets, re-starts, and of course, all of the latest trends relating to everything from fashion to food to interior decorating. Here are the 5 big trends we predict will be big next year. You read them here first.


Maximizing Space

Making do with less and making what you have do more has been a trend that has been emerging over the last year. Maximizing the use of the space you have in your home goes hand-in-hand with that trend and this will be a major design trend in 2017. The majority of homes out have some type of nook or cranny or underused awkward space somewhere that to this point may have been filled with a bookshelf, a chair or just stuff in general. Ingenious and innovative use of those spaces - making use of every inch of space you have - is not only smart, it will be big.


Organic Matters

The vast majority of us have taken at least a small step back towards nature in some way, shape or form.  Perhaps we no longer eat processed foods or perhaps we now look to try to buy local or organic. This same mindset has also been applied to thinking about design: think about the increase in the use of wood, natural material, inside-outside living, the abundance of plants as decor...


Cork & Other Utility Materials

Utility is also one of the big 2017 interior decorating trends.  Within the next year, you’ll see more and more walls that are basically walls of cork, reclaimed wood and other utility materials. While being good for the environment, these materials are also incredibly sturdy and great for the daily use and traffic of a home with kids and pets.


Earthy Pastels

When it comes to color, people are also ‘returning to nature’ such as it is.  This started last year with the selection of Rose Quartz and Serenity (a muted pink and light blue) as Pantone's Colors of the Year. We predict that this influence will carry through 2017, with a color palette trend that looks like it's been lifted right from the garden, desert and the outdoors.


What’s Old Is New Again

Vintage and antiques have always been an important part of interior design but the new trend here will be including vintage and antique furniture "as is" in rooms, as close to their original state as possible without completely repainting or refurbishing beyond recognition.


Need a little design help? Work with any one of our 400+ designers to bring any of the trends above into your home in now and in 2017. Start a project today!

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