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5 Design Ideas for a Fabulously Stylish Studio Apartment

OCTOBER 18, 2018
Photo credit: Apartment Therapy

While a studio apartment may not seem ideal in terms of size, there are still plenty of ways to maximize a small space and make it über stylish. Thankfully, the combination of tiny quarters and an open layout offer loads of design possibilities. From double duty furniture to visual trickery, we’ve come up with five design ideas that maximize any studio apartment in high style. Scroll on and make your small space a place to be!

1. Divide and Conquer

Photo: Rue Mag

Rather than placing furniture against a wall, let larger pieces such as bookshelves or a couch float. This helps to divide your room into sections for a clearly mapped and dynamic layout. And while you want a functional space, be sure to highlight points of visual interest in your apartment; Large windows with natural light or a stunning fireplace should be shown off in your design.


2. Seek Multipurpose Pieces

 Photo: Label Studio

When it comes to small space living, double-duty furniture works wonders. A kitchen island that doubles as a desk and a dining table or a stylish dresser that doubles as a TV stand can help save on square footage. If you want to go incognito, ottomans and coffee tables with hidden storage are great pieces that keep your items in order and out of sight.


3. Maximize Vertical Space

Photo: Suzy Hoodless

If you’re low on space, look up. You can easily increase visual space by drawing the eyes upward. Place curtain rods at the highest point possible, use tall bookshelves that reach the ceiling or hang art all the way up. Playing up vertical space will make your studio apartment look taller and add a hint of grandeur.


4. Use Acrylic Accents

Photo: One Kings Lane / The Everygirl

In tight living quarters, you have to be creative. See-through, metallic and mirrored accents offer more than just style: They also help to increase visual space. Acrylic or Lucite coffee tables, bookcases, and chairs create the illusion of more space, while shiny metallic accents and mirrors let light reflect and bring life into the room.


5. Make it Cozy with Art

Photo: Apartment Therapy

A curated gallery wall or some large scale pieces can make your studio partment feel cozy and give it personality. Also, sometimes the perfect apartment has a random wall that sticks out or an oddly placed appliance (urban renters, we feel you). Take this as an opportunity to pull out your art collection and hang up some of your favorites. Personalizing with art can transform an apartment and give it life.

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