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5 Things Travel Can Teach You About Decorating

JUNE 16, 2017
Photo credit: Coco Kelly

Decorist – Decorating Ideas and How Travel Can Inspire You

One of the reasons that we travel – especially abroad – is to leave our homes behind and to see something completely different and new.  Anyone who has visited other countries has likely come home inspired not only by what they saw and experienced, but also by what they have waiting for them.  While many people wouldn’t necessarily think about it, traveling abroad can also provide people with a lot of different decorating ideas, impossible though they may seem to incorporate into a home.  Our team at Decorist thinks that travel and interior decorating work quite well together, and we’ve helped quite a few clients add what they’ve seen and learned on their travels into their homes.  Below you’ll find 5 ways that travel can inspire decorating ideas that will keep the memories flowing.

Different Styles and Fitting Them Together

Have you ever been to a different part of the United States or a foreign country and seen someone’s home?  If so, have you ever been surprised to see how certain things are put together in the same room that you may have never considered?  It may seem like a completely unique idea to you, but it may be nothing but normal to those who live there.  This is always a worthwhile idea to discover, so feel free to pay attention to these details when you’re traveling.

Different Uses for Different Things

Different regions in the world simply view items differently.  What’s one country’s salt shaker is another country’s knickknack for the kitchen counter or even for a table in the living room.  What’s one country’s blanket is another country’s throw rug.  This is a natural result of living and spending your life in different places and among different people.  It’s always fun to see these things in action and then to put them to use.

Different Cultures and Different Norms

The actual way that we live can make a difference in our decorating ideas, and travel and interior decorating can come together very nicely when you notice these cultural differences.  For instance, some cultures do not eat dinner until 10 or 11 p.m., and as a result their kitchens and dining rooms are set up a bit differently.  There are several other examples like this, but it all follows the same idea.

Different Priorities

Some parts of the world love to throw extravagant parties for their friends and family members on a regular basis.  Others tend to lean towards smaller, more intimate gatherings.  This is just one way that different priorities can lead to different decorating ideas.  It’s also a way for you to get some ideas for your own home.

Different Local Resources

Finally, different parts of the world have different resources at their disposal, which is clearly going to make a difference in terms of decorating ideas.  You can easily pay homage to those different resources in your own home if you’re creative, and if it’s done right you’ll have a very interesting look to enjoy for years to come.

Overall, travel and decorating are ideas that merge quite seamlessly in many contexts.  If you’d like to learn more about how your travels can help your decorating ideas, feel free to contact us at any time.

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