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2022 Colors Are Here — They Have One Thing In Common

NOVEMBER 30, 2021
Photo credit: Benjamin Moore

The colors of 2022 just dropped and they might have you doing a double take. We love this time of year, placing our bets on which colors will lead the paint brands’ color stories for the coming year. We also love brainstorming all the ways we might showcase the hot new colors in our own spaces. But 2022 has already thrown us a bit of a curveball. The frontrunners chosen by each paint company are so closely related you could say they share the same DNA. 

Let’s drop a few clues and see how good you all are at sleuthing out the common thread across each of the color picks. Green with envy. The grass is always greener. Remember to eat your greens. Oh, you are good! As you so brilliantly deduced, 2022 is going to be a very verdant year. 

Whether you love it or loathe it, green is coming to you in a very big way. We happen to fall on the “love” side of the spectrum, but If this balanced hue makes you a little green around the gills we have good news for you — there truly is a shade out there for everyone. There’s warm green and cool green, gray green and barely-there green. There’s minty and muted or earthy and mossy. We challenge you not to find one that doesn’t completely enchant you.

In addition to being very much on trend for the coming year, green brings with it many positive attributes. It’s a calming color that imbues a sense of well-being that quietly recharges your energy at that same time. From a metaphysical standpoint, green is the great balancer between the head and the heart. 

Given its many positives and the vast color variations to choose from, we think you’ll have a lot of fun going green with your next paint or design project. To get a jumpstart on the trend, we’ve rounded up each of the 2022 top picks from all the different paint companies with some helpful notes on working them into your decor.

October Mist by Benjamin Moore

Photo credit: Benjamin Moore

Evoking the silver-green stem of a flower, Benjamin Moore’s October Mist is a gently shaded sage that quietly anchors a space. It creates a harmonious canvas with which to showcase bolder, darker colors. It encourages individual expression and creativity through color exploration. A true neutral and versatile pick, October Mist offers effortless harmony no matter what your paint project and design style.  



Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams

Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams

A chameleon of a color, this gorgeous gray-green shade features just a titch of blue to satisfy cool-tone people while still creating a warm ambient feel in any space. It’s a simple but sophisticated wash of organic color perfect for anyone looking to create a statement while still trying to keep the vibe subtle and calming. A gorgeous choice for a master bedroom, den or dining area.



Breezeway by Behr

 Photo credit: Behr

Think weathered sea glass held up to the sun on a morning beach walk and you’re already in a Breezeway frame of mind. Behr’s top color pick for 2022, Breezeway is a relaxed, uplifting pastel that signifies peace, tranquility and forward movement. We love how it naturally harmonizes with cleaner shades of white, gray and natural wood tones for an effortless coastal feel in pretty much any space. Aptly named, Breezeway shines bright with an air of vitality and positivity.



Olive Sprig by PPG

Photo credit: PPG

On the more earthy, found-in-nature end of the spectrum, PPG’s Olive Sprig is a lovely midtone shade with an organic feel and a strong green presence. It’s simultaneously lush and  meditative with an organic liveliness that leaves a lasting impressing. Think soothing aloe vera or fresh spring pea soup. We love how it harmonizes with virtually every wood tone and how transformative it can be for exteriors too.



Breakfast Room Green by Farrow & Ball

Photo credit: Farrow & Ball

The cheeriest of greens in Farrow & Ball’s 2022 palette, Breakfast Room Green maintains its lively presence no matter what your lighting situation is. Whether bright sunlight or soft candlelight, it’s happy nature will always shine through. Farrow & Ball named the color after the typically east-facing room reserved for the first meal of the day. The floorplan that calls for a breakfast room is a bit of a throwback from our modern lifestyles today but the vintage, midcentury charm still translates beautifully.   



Blanched Thyme by Valspar

Photo credit: Valspar

Calming and nourishing while still making a definitely green statement, Valspar’s Blanched Thyme appeals to nature lover in all of us. This cool organic green looks beautifully balanced with warmer wood tones and warm neutrals. Valspar created the shade to promote a feeling of groundedness inside and out. It’s a calming, nourishing shade that encourages a balanced feeling while still keeping a space energized. Gorgeous in a living room or office but equally stunning on kitchen cabinets and even the front door where it sets an immediate welcoming vibe.



Picking the right color for your walls can feel intimidating, but our designers love to talk paint.  Want to bounce your color ideas off of an expert? Start a room design project and fall in love with your space!

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