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8 Home Design Trends to Expect in 2021

FEBRUARY 15, 2021
Photo credit: A 1000X Better

2020 is finally in the rearview and we are looking forward to a brighter, more colorful 2021.  This year we’re ready to mix things up with a dash of grandma-chic cottagecore, cozy, sustainable materials for curling up, reimagined work from home spaces and playful, energetic colors and textures.  Ready for a peek at what our designers are forecasting for the year ahead?

Work From Home

 Photo credit: Lauren Nelson Design

As our homes continue to serve more purposes than ever before, look towards multi-functional spaces to support work from home needs and remote learning.  Create dedicated areas, and free up much-needed dining table space, feels thoughtful and allows for balance in the work/home environment.  Reimagine unexpected surfaces such as a console table or convert a reading nook into your new remote office for a dose of inspiration.


Grandma Chic

Photo credit: Heidi Caillier

This year we’ll be moving away from the minimalist Scandinavian style of yore and looking to an unexpected source of inspiration, the English grandmother, for her tasteful florals and traditional delicate prints.  Mix floral scales in the same color palette to keep it easy on the eyes or go for a cozy, moody scheme and set the kettle on for tea.  Think wallpaper, pleated lampshades, ruffled bedding and prints, prints and more prints.  This style is collected, comforting and a little eccentric, what’s not to love?


Outdoor Living

Photo credit: Lulu and Georgia

Having spent so much time at home in 2020, outdoor spaces have become a refuge, offering a much-needed change of scenery.  For year-round gatherings, upgrade seating areas to accommodate larger groups in materials designed for multi-season entertaining.  Increased interest in fireplaces and firepits make for cozy evenings while freestanding grills are giving way to elevated outdoor kitchens. 


Making the Case for Color

Photo credit: Nickey Kehoe

We’re looking ahead and infusing optimism into a space, eschewing calming neutrals for cheerful, mood-boosting colors.  Shades of ochre, terracotta, olive and lapis are soothing yet uplifting and energizing.  The future is bright and our interiors reflect that sentiment.


Accent Chairs

Photo credit: Brian Paquette

In addition to providing extra seating for when we can gather indoors again, accent chairs are a clever way to infuse your space with personality while serving as areas to mix up your WFH backgrounds.  Create multiple seating vignettes and free yourself from the confines of a traditional desk chair.  No matter your budget there is an endless array of accent chairs to suit your style.



Photo credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel

We have learned a lot from 2020 and have embraced the idea of living with less, holding tight to the things we cherish and editing out what no longer serves us.  Thoughtful simplification using natural and organic materials to create spaces that feel like an extension of self will be on designer’s radars.  Reconsider the essentials by repurposing and refurbishing existing pieces, breathing new life into them.  When buying new, consumers are focusing on sourcing and labor sustainability, interested in small-batch ceramics and ethically made fabrics. 


Unapologetic Self Expression

Photo credit: Chloe Redmond Warner

After spending so much time at home, our environments have become an exciting area for self-expression.  Imbuing each corner of your home with personality and your own style sees a move towards maximalism, bold wallpapers and statement pieces make the perfect backdrop for your next Zoom call.


Comfort Zone

Photo credit: Katie Hodges

Comfort continues to be the number one home trend and, this year, we will see comfort elevated.  Think accent chairs in soft-touch fabrics like velvet, boucle and sherpa.  Plush seating, warm colors and bookshelves stacked with well-loved novels add character and quiet luxury to a space.  It’s all about a mix of old and new to create a home that is textured and layered. Comfort, not concept, is paramount.


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