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The Top 2020 Trends Worth Bringing Home

JANUARY 8, 2020
Photo credit: Heidi's Bridge

By now, you've probably spotted some new design trends for the year pop up here and there across Instagram, Pinterest, and interior designers' projects. If you're like us, you've also archived a handful of those color, product, and design ideas on your phone or added them to your 2020 mood board.

Still, with so much buzz around colors of the year, the latest innovative materials on the market, and how technology is influencing designers' approach to interiors, it can easily feel overwhelming to sift through it all. Not to mention, it can become a challenge to figure out which trends actually make sense to bring into your spaces. 

To provide you with a little guidance, we've done the legwork and asked some of our top Decorist designers to hone in on the 2020 design trends that are truly worth investing in and keeping in mind for your spaces. Read on for their tips below!


deirdre doherty glam wallpaper bedroom
Photo courtesy of designer Deirdre Doherty. 

Go With The Shift Into Bolder, Moodier Hues

Pastels are out; deeper shades are in. "It's been exciting to see more bold colors come back like deep, dusty blues and greens. We love seeing them mixed with some black and white details for a more modern look," says Jenny Magdol, principal of Alter Interiors. "We also love seeing warmer wood tones like beautiful honey-colored oak and pale walnuts."

Get into the bold-on-bold palette."We have seen so much light and neutral layering, but now there is a transition into incorporating bold and dark colors," says Found + Collected founder Sarah Ramirez.  "The same attention to varied textures and exploring different tones applies here; it’s just more about saturated color—from matte charcoal walls in the living room to glossy black kitchen cabinets. Meanwhile, dusty rich grey and navy are working into every space in the home.  


hannah dionela black-and-white bedroom
Photo courtesy of designer Hannah Dionela.

Say Yes To Fresh Wall Treatments

Black walls will be in the mix. "Painting walls black can have a very dramatic effect in a space, and I'm happy to see it's on the rise again," says designer Ellen Fleckenstein. "One way to do black is to go with a minimalist palette: Black and white will never go out of style. Use flat paint (glossy black tends to magnify imperfections) and accent it with some interesting artwork. If you are not sure about painting all the walls black, try doing an accent wall or the lower portion of a wall."

There's a huge focus on textural finishes. "I'm most excited about the variety of texture for interior walls," says designer Meg Weber. "We are expanding beyond wallpaper and more architectural finishes, like shiplap, to finishes with an organic feel like clay and limewash. They are a great way to add interest and warmth to a room without committing to another print or dimensional material. Sometimes installation for these finishes can be easier too, which lends them well to DIY."


casa nolita modern industrial living room
Photo courtesy of design Jessie Yoon of Casa Nolita.

Keep Leaning Into Shapes & Handcrafted Designs

Sculptural pieces are still major. "I am super excited about the sculptural furniture trend that has been continuously growing," says Casa Nolita's Jessie Yoon. "I'm especially drawn to pieces that have unique, organic shapes and are made from various materials and textures. Those sculptural furniture pieces and lighting fixtures are perfect accents to elevate your spaces." 

The makers' movement continues to grow. "The biggest trend I see is the resurgence of bespoke and sustainable decor, such as art and ceramics, as well as vintage furniture and lighting," says designer Deirdre Doherty. "Retail stores are embracing makers and have even curated special sections in their online stores that offer these artisanal creations and vintage designs. Seasoned designers have used bespoke items forever, and this change has made it easier for everyone to have a look tailored to their personality with accessories and art."


jarret yoshida eclectic vintage living roomPhoto courtesy of Jarret Yoshida.

Do More Sustainable Vintage Shopping

Repurposed vintage pieces are getting their moment. "Sustainability and its definition continue to expand in beautiful ways," says designer Jarret Yoshida. "Reusing vintage and antique furniture in unexpected fabrics and colors is exciting to me, and I think it offers a unique and artful contrast to mass-produced furniture that we continue to select." 

More '80s. Enough said. "Retro trends will continue to grow in popularity, like the Art Deco period and the 1980’s together, where hyper elegance meets Pop glamour," says Maria Delucia of Square One Studios. "Sexy Deco curves, rounded edges, and a dash of bold ornamentation will all come together to create the perfect high-low glam look in rooms."

Designs with backstories are still the favorite. "Use of recycled wood, natural fabrics such as linen, upcycled furniture, and sourcing for antique or second-hand furniture are just some examples of sustainability-focused design," says designer Hannah Dionela. "Clients want a beautiful space but are also becoming more sensitive about where they source their furniture or decor. They also want a piece of history or something that tells a story, so classic pieces like Atollo table lamps or Serge Mouille chandeliers are now must-haves."


deirdre doherty contemporary living room
Photo courtesy of designer Deirdre Doherty.

Enjoy The Return To Formal Spaces

All about the TV-free living room. Period. "This year is all about getting back to basics when it comes to the home," says Casey Hardin. "I think this translates to a higher focus on the formal living room where you can sit and converse with family and friends versus the informal den where the focus has been on large sectional seating focused around a TV screen. This movement away from a technology-focused main living space is exciting because it presents the opportunity for more unique furniture layouts that are not limited by TV placement and the need to maximize seating."  

Dining spaces are the new family room. "I'm seeing the dining room being used more instead of being left for special occasions or down-right deserted," says designer Carmen René Smith. "I think that many people focus on the use of their breakfast nooks and kitchen islands for everyday use because of the fast pace of life. But I think the attitude toward that is changing. Dining is a time to slow down, have all of your sense ignited, and be surrounded by loved ones and appealing interior design."


Inspired to bring this year's biggest design trends into your own home? Our Decorist designers can help. Connect with one today to start your personalized design collaboration.


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