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2016 Trend Report! What’s In and What’s Out?

DECEMBER 28, 2015
Photo credit:

Trend report! With 2016 only days away, we’ve asked our talented team at Decorist to help navigate what trends are in and what trends are receding to the backdrop this year.  We gathered insights from a some of our Decorist designers and a few of our trend-lovers in our home office in San Francisco. Here is what they had to say!


Say Goodbye to these Design Trends:


Gallery Walls

While gallery walls provide visual interest to your wall, consider a minimalist approach. Simplicity is in. 


Living Room Gallery Wall

Photo credit:


Bright Color Palettes

Decorist Elite designer, Heidi Caillier thinks bright color palettes are moving in a softer direction this year. 


Refinery 29 Bright Living Room

Photo credit: Refinery 29


Glossy Mass-Produced Dinnerware

You’re not average, so why should your everyday dinnerware be! Dress up your table with unique plates and dishes.   Stuck on white? Just add texture for visual interest.


White Dishware

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy


Silver and Chrome

Don’t get us wrong, we love metallic but, give silver and chrome a rest this year. Try warmer metallic hues like copper.  Or keep what you have and mix and match silver and chrome with brass or gold for a sophisticated look.


Chrome and Silver Accessories

Photo credit: Kelly Hoppen Interior Design 


Yellow/Gold Wall Paint

While warm and welcoming, this color is not something we anticipate seeing this year.


Yellow Gold Wall Paint

Photo credit: Real Simple



This two toned look is fading out in 2016. 


French Connection Ombre Throw Blanket

Photo credit: French Connection 



Cowhides have been popular these past few years, giving a rustic chic vibe to any space. It's time to move on from the cowhide and try a different texture for your floor. 


Cowhide Rug

Photo credit: My Domaine


Say hello to these interior design trends:


Pantone Color of the Year

Elle Cole, Decorist Elite designer, prepares us to embrace gender equality from fashion to home décor in the trade and retail markets. Pantone surprised us all by selecting two colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. 


Pantone Color of the Year

Photo credit: Design Milk


Artisanal Goods

Elle Cole suggests shopping locally this year. From baskets to word art, goods that return to craft are being made globally and are hot commodities this year. Elle anticipates us seeing a mix of artisanal goods, vintage and mass produced pieces. 


Amber Lewis Interiors

Photo credit: Amber Lewis Interiors


Metallic Wallpaper

Decorist Elite designer Jennifer Greenhalgh explains, this isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper!  Metallic wallpapers reflect light and add a stylish statement to any space.


Kelly Wearstler Metallic Wallpaper

Photo credit: Kelly Wearstler


Geometric Tile

Why be boring when you can go bold? Jennifer Greenhalgh loves the way the geometric tiles create interest in your floor or wall. With the wide variety of geometric patterns there is something for everyone.


My Domaine Geometric Tiles

Photo credit: My Domaine


Soft Color Palettes

As Elite designer, Heidi Caillier, noted earlier, bright color palettes are moving in a softer direction. Heidi sees nudes, peaches, muted eggplants, army greens and ivory this year. Softer tones that bring tranquility to your space.


Soft Color Palette

Photo credit:


Natural, Organic Textures Continue

Heidi Caillier thinks the trend toward unlacquered brass, wood, grasscloth and woven textiles will continue to dominate the design scene this year. Bringing a taste of the!


Organic Fabrics

Photo credit:


Simple Pattern Play

While mixing and matching is always intriguing to the eye, Heidi's seeing more simple concepts emerge. Solid fabrics that emphasize texture and luxury. 


Simple Pattern Play

Photo credit: My Domaine


Single Statement Pieces

Choosing one piece of great art creates less competition with your furniture and statement pieces. Select one item as the focal point.


Statement piece

Photo credit:


Handmade Ceramic Dishware

Trade in your everyday dishware for handmade ceramic dishware. The matte finish and organic shapes can add so much more beauty to your meals.


Ceramic plates

Photo credit: Ceramic Artist and Sculptor Andrei Davidoff


Copper and Rose Gold Accents

These warm tones give your home a sense of understated opulence. Make a statement without your room feeling too formal.


Copper and Rose Gold Interior Accents

Photo credit: My Domaine


Batik and Mudcloth

Well, we have gotten past Shibori textiles, but we are loving batik in hues of blues and violet, almost any hue in fact...we're obsessed! Decorist HQ predicts this will be trending big in 2016.


Photo credit:


All White Everything

Simply White OC-117 is this years Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year. It’s crisp, elegant and creates a blank canvas for any room to let the furnishings shine. For the Decorist Virtual Showhouse we used Simply White for the walls. To see entire house painted in this color visit Decorist's first virtual show house here.  You saw it here first!  


Benjamin Moore Paint Color of the Year

Photo credit: Decorist


Woven Wall Hangings

We’re loving stylish woven wall accessories, the beautiful detail looks like a piece of art.   


Photo credit: Decorist



Seeing clearly now! Lucite adds a modern and luxe feel to your room.  While it has been around for a long time, we think lucite is a classic that will always be in style.


Photo credit: Waiting on Martha


Perforated Items

Adds a unique texture to lighting and furniture. 


Viacomit Chairs

Photo credit:


Online Interior Design 

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Decorist Design Board


Decorist is here to help you decide which trends are right for you. Whether you’re a modernist, traditionalist, eclectic or a mix we can work with you to design a space that never goes out of style. Find out what your style is by taking our style quiz.

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