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10 Reasons to Redecorate Your Home

JUNE 15, 2017
Photo credit: Decorist 3D by Celebrity Designer Ann Lowengart

10 Reasons To Complete Some Home Redecorating

Statistics reveal that the average homeowner in the United States engages in some form of home redecorating approximately every five years.  While this is not a specific timeframe, that’s about when people start to feel the urge to get into some home redesign.  Redecorating your home can involve a bit of work, obviously, but it can also be extremely rewarding in several different ways.  The team at Decorist has helped countless clients complete home redecorating projects, and one of the questions we ask is why people are getting into this type of project.  If you’re thinking of a home redesign of some sort, you may be aided by seeing what prompted other people to do this before deciding on whether or not redecorating your home is a good idea.  

Time For a Style Update

Over time, even the most attractive homes can begin to feel a bit stale.  Homeowners slowly grow a bit tired of seeing the same décor and the same layout for years at a time.  Home redecorating trends change constantly, and after a while a home’s look can begin to seem dated.  Everyone wants to live in a space that generates a positive response in both those who live there and for anyone who should happen to visit.  The latest style updates can serve as that impetus for redecorating your home, and everyone has different triggers that motivate them.

Having Children

Aside from feeling the need to update a style or look, life events are a big reason for a home redesign.  One of the most common life events that leads to redecorating your home is having children.  Clearly, additional children will need a nursery.  After they grow out of that, they’ll need a bedroom.  You’ll also need to provide them with space so that they can do what children do without having to worry about the potential damage that they can inflict on layouts that are designed specifically for adults who haven’t had to worry about this until now.  

Home Renovation

There are countless reasons that people cite for renovating their home.  Some want to add space, others want to add value and still others want to do so for both of these reasons and for others.  Regardless of the reason or reasons, renovating your home almost requires you to engage in some form of home redesign simply because your space will be different.  If you’re adding more rooms you’ll need to decorate them.  If you’re changing the layout of rooms you’ll most likely need to update the furniture and accessories that occupy them.  

Changing Lifestyles

The life of a family in the United States is hardly static.  Everyone grows and changes over time.  The adults in the home, as they get older, tend to like different things and want different things included in their daily lives.  As children grow older and grow larger, their interests and routines change drastically.  All of these ongoing changes often lead to the desire to get into home redecorating.  Redecorating your home may be necessary in order to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of your space in as many ways as possible.

Increasing the Value

Everyone who owns a home understands that this is likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make.  Redecorating your home is a responsible and advisable way to maintain and nurture that investment.  Depending on what you do with your home redesign, you can add a substantial amount of value to your property if you do things the right way.  Major home redesign projects such as a new kitchen can add quite a bit of value to a home, but even basic home redecorating projects such as repainting or updating flooring can make a surprising difference in this regard.

Your Psyche

As mentioned above, homes can begin to look and feel a bit stale over time if no changes are made.  Homeowners should avoid this, but unfortunately some homeowners avoid home redecorating because they’re concerned about time, cost, stress and the like.  However, when you are finished redecorating your home, it can lead to big changes in how you feel when you are there and even how you feel about yourself in general.  Not only do you now have a home that excites you, but you can take pride in the fact that you got the job done and got it done right.

Forced Reorganization

One of the ideas we’ve heard expressed many times over when people got into a home redecorating project was that doing so forced them to go through all of their belongings and reorganize things.  This has often led to a major purge of things that tend to get stuffed somewhere out of the way and forgotten about over time.  While keeping things out of sight may solve a potential problem in the short term, continuing to approach things this way can lead to clutter and ultimately lead to an inability to use certain spaces the way you may want to use them.  Purging old possessions can be a very healthy step.

Discovered Inspiration

If you think back on some of the best ideas you’ve ever had, chances are you didn’t sit down and decide to come up with that idea.  You likely came upon this idea suddenly.  Perhaps you were out for a walk, driving to work or doing something completely unrelated to that idea.  The same type of random inspiration occurs with regards to redecorating your home.  You may see someone else’s home and realize you could do something similar.  You may vacation somewhere and see a style you love.  Regardless of why, inspiration is a powerful driving force when it comes to home redesign.

It’s Time to Clean Things Up

Even the most careful, conscientious homeowners will notice over time that their homes endure a lot of wear and tear.  This wear and tear is simply a function of time and exposure.  Carpeting becomes worn and drab.  Paint begins to look a bit dull or even begin to crack and chip a bit.  Light fixtures begin to wear down.  Whatever it is, and it’s probably several things, redecorating your home could come about simply because you need to update things anyway, so you may as well really get into it and provide yourself with a fully new look.  

An Opportunity For Help Arises

Redecorating your home could also be prompted by encountering someone or something that can help you do something you’ve been quietly thinking about already.  Decorist is an example of such an opportunity.  When people discover what we do and how we help people with their home redecorating projects, the prospect of getting into this and getting it done seems a lot simpler.  That’s because we help people complete these projects with individual guidance and input.  We help our clients complete these projects within their desired timeframes and budgets.  We make it easy to get things moving and to experience the satisfaction of a new look.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your home redecorating, feel free to contact our team at any time for prompt answers to your questions.