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11 Romantic Design Hotels to Escape to Next Week

FEBRUARY 6, 2019
Photo credit: Marlton Hotel

What do stunning interior design and travel destinations have in common? Well, these are two things we take seriously at Decorist.  And in an effort to pay homage to these favorite past times, we’ve decided to dedicate today’s post to 11 design-inspired boutique hotels we’re dying to check out and check into!

With darling wallpapered rooms, gorgeous bed linens, and well-stocked bars, these boutique hot spots know how to elevate the hotel experience to an art form. And just think, the ultimate vacation could consist of simply checking into one of these new "It" hotels.

So if you have a penchant for dreamy décor and are looking for that ultimate getaway spot, check out these 11 romantic design-inspired hotels. After all, sometimes it's the destination—not just the journey—that really matters.

1. Casa Faena — Miami, FL

The younger sister to trendy neighboring luxury hotel Faena Hotel, Casa Faena (pictured above) in Miami is a romantic, Spanish-style inn with an atrium that feels like a living room in the Hollywood Hills. With luxurious rooms, Mediterranean decor, and a private beach club, the boutique hotel is more home than hotel and has all the trappings of a laid-back Miami stay. It's the perfect place for an intimate getaway with your number one.


2. Halcyon House — Brisbane, Australia

Australia is a top travel destination for many reasons and the design coming from down under has put it at the top of our list. Located just outside Brisbane in Cabarita Beach, this seaside hotel, designed by Anna Spiro, has a playful mix of pattern and textures that makes us swoon.


3. Hotel Panache—Paris

Flamboyant by name and stylish by nature, the Parache Hotel is located in two 19th-century buildings in the 9th arrondissement. Not far from the Grands Boulevards, this darling hotel has eye-catching, retro-flavored decor. 


4. The Ink House—Napa 

Always wanted to own a home in Napa? Well, now you don't have to with this quaint and gorgeous four bedroom property is the heart of the Napa Valley. Part Italian villa, part Napa farmhouse, the overall feel of the house is relaxed, open, and cool. And, of course, in true Napa style guests are greeted with a glass of the regions top wines upon entry.


5. Marlton Hotel – New York

Weathered herringbone floors and a fireplace roaring year round (yes, they crank the AC in the summer!), this urban inn invokes serious Parisian charm. Nestled right in Greenwich Village, the Marlton has a rich history with some of the hippest interiors around.


6. Herietta Hotel – London

Located in Covent Gardens on one of the area's quirkiest side streets, this boutique hotel has whimsical jewel-toned interiors with serious vintage charm. Not only are the rooms beautifully appointed but the lively cocktail bar is a local favorite.


7. NoMad Hotel – Los Angeles

This hip, downtown LA hotel located in the former Bank of Italy building, is style driven and a place to be seen. The urban hotel boasts 214 rooms, a rooftop pool, an Italian-inspired all-day café and bar.


8.  The Hoxton Hotel – Paris

The historic interiors of this boutique hotel are further expressed through the use of decorative detailed moldings, plaid bedding and the shabby chic wallpaper used throughout the common areas.


9.  Locke Hotel - London

From the soft palette to the inspiring color blocking techniques, this hotel has serious Scandinavian vibes that will be influencing the interior design world for some time to come.


10. 11 Howard – New York

Located in the heart of NYC's SOHO district, 11 Howard is modern oasis with casual yet luxurious vibe and cutting edge Scandinavian design. The hotel's guiding principle is conscious hospitality.  With a social conscious bend, the hotel has become a community hub, partnering with a range of local businesses and nonprofits.


11. Sands Hotel & Spa – Coachella Valley

Recently renovated the Sands Hotel and Spa is a new collaboration featuring Martyn Lawrence Bullard design. The instagram-worthy boutique hotel has a playful ambiance evoking that Golden Age, mid-century desert feel.

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