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10 Must-Follow Decorist Designers on Instagram

OCTOBER 2, 2019
Photo credit: Image via Studio LIFE.STYLE

One of the biggest changes in interior design has been the influence of social media, and in particular, Instagram. And as many of you know who follow us on Instagram, the Decorist feed is filled with our own design projects as well as our designers' beautifully curated rooms. We get our fix by perusing their photos for fresh ideas, new projects, upcoming trends and design inspiration. Their seemingly never-ending string of eye candy and jaw-dropping interiors continues to awe and inspire us daily.

Today we're picking 10 Decorist designers whose Instagram feeds have us gushing and coming back for more. So sit back, take a look at some beautiful rooms and get ready to hit 'follow' for your own daily fix.

And, of course, be sure to follow us @decoristofficial for a daily round up of the best of the best in interior design!


Studio LIFE.STYLE // Celebrity Designer

Instagram: @studiolifestyle_

Jenny Wolf // Celebrity Designer

Instagram: @jennywolfinteriors

Tamara Honey // Celebrity Designer

Instgram: @houseofhoney


Paloma Contreras // Celebrity Designer

Instagram: @palomacontrerasdesign


Jeremiah Brent // Celebrity Designer

Instagram: @jeremiahbrent


Celerie Kemble // Celebrity Designer

Instagram: @celerie


Heidi Caillier // Elite Designer

Instagram: @heidicaillierdesign


Jessica McCarthy // Decorist Design Director

Instagram: @jamxcreative


Katie Hodges // Elite Designer

Instagram: @katiehodgesdesign


Simone Howell // Elite Designer

Instagram: @simonehowell

Feeling inspired by all these beautifully decorated rooms? Well, you too can work with a Decorist designer to get the room of your dreams. Pop over to our designer page to pick a designer and get started today. It's easy, fun and affordable.

Also, be sure to follow them, and us, along on instagram to get your daily dose of design inspiration. Happy Decorating!


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