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1 Living Room Budget in 3 Different Design Styles

OCTOBER 2, 2016
Photo credit: 3D rendering of living room design by Megan Moran, Decorist Classic designer

The $7,500 Living Room Budget

Our 3 clients below were on a mission: to get a new living room for entertaining family and friends. Each had unique challenges to their space but all of them wanted the same thing, a bright, warm and inviting living room. While all 3 had the same design budget, their personal styles, however, couldn't be more different - one is a big fan of mid-century, one is traditional (but didn't want it too formal), and one is bold and modern.

While all our 400+ designers are experienced with working at budgets lower than $10,000, this budget level allowed a little room in the budgets for their designers to recommend one or two splurge items as good investment pieces. See how these 3 designers maximized the impact of the same budget in 3 very different styles.

The Bold and Bright Modern Living Room

This room has a lot of great features - high ceilings, bright natural light - but actually isn't as large as it may seem. To make the room feel larger, Decorist Elite designer Nest Design used a few design tricks-of-the-trade: they kept the color palette light and focused, and then used symmetry to visually expand the width of the room. To maxmize the flexiblity of space for entertaining, they brought in seating in the form of stools, a round coffee table (to improve flow of foot traffic) and side tables (great for a place to set down drinks). For this room, Nest Design recommended two investment items: a pair of one-of-a-kind upholstered orange vintage chairs and the simple but striking piece of art hanging in prime position in the center of the room.


3D rendering of living room design by Nest Design, Decorist Elite designer

The Traditional (But Not Too Formal) Living Room

This living room had dark green walls with bold blue and bright yellow accessories before the design project began. In addition, our client was having trouble decorating in the traditional style she liked without it looking too formal, stuffy or dated. Enter Decorist Classic designer Ashley Mecham, who immediately recommended a lighter color for the walls to brighten up the space. Another designer tip - she placed a large mirror on top of the mantle to bring more light into the room. Because our client liked blue and yellow, Ashley kept the palette but changed the hues to a soft blue for the new armchair curtains and an dark indigo for the pillows, with the yellow now shades of gold for a sophisticated look. The biggest investment was the baluster style solid wood coffee table, to add both visual weight to the design and sturdy enough for propped-up legs, spilled drinks and plenty of family activity around it. Traditional but not stuffy? Done.


3D rendering of living room design by Ashley Mecham, Decorist Classic designer

The Classic Mid-Century Living Room

When your client is a big fan of mid-century, an easy assumption would be that the design process would be easy; after all, there are numerous brands that focus on this particular design style. However, there is a balance involved such that the room doesn't end up looking like a time capsule catalog or a movie set - one that Decorist Classic designer Megan Moran, who specializes in mid-century style, knows well. To prevent the room from looking cold, Megan's color palette is a mix of warm earth tones with metallic gold accents, punctuated by pops of midnight blue. A pair of chairs, upholstered in a paprika herringbone fabric, are positioned to take full advantage of the sunlight in the bay window. The biggest investments were the two pieces with special details - the tripod floor lamp with metallic details and the coffee table with the inset glass. The end result: a beautiful and inviting, classic (but not clichéd) mid-century living room.


3D rendering of living room design by Megan Moran, Decorist Classic designer


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